Josh Kendall

These words from USC coach will make Gamecocks fans smile

Everyone’s talking college football this week. As camps open across the Southeastern Conference, coaches and players are updating everyone on their summer progress, their fall plans, etc. All that means that a lot of words are being spoken these days, but sometimes a few stand out.

Like these from Gamecocks offensive coordinator Kurt Roper on Tuesday: “In football today, it takes more points to win games than it did when I first got into this league so I think you have to have an aggressive mindset and go out and try to score points.”

That must be music to the ears of South Carolina fans who are eager to see quarterback Jake Bentley, et al. air it out this season. The Gamecocks were last in the SEC in scoring a year ago with a paltry 20.8 points per game. Things got better when Bentley took over the starting job (and a lot of other offensive talent got healthy) but only marginally so.

It would literally take twice that scoring output to lead the conference in scoring this year, and it will likely take more than 30 points a game for this year’s team to finish with a record above .500. The Gamecocks seem to know that, too.