Josh Kendall

How much film does Gamecocks QB Jake Bentley watch every day?

As South Carolina offensive coordinator Kurt Roper puts together his game plan each week this fall, he will go to quarterback Jake Bentley and ask which plays he likes, and Bentley better be ready with a good answer.

“He expects me to do my film work and be ready to answer those questions,” Bentley said. “If I go in there and just say, ‘Whatever coach,’ he knows I’m not taking it serious. I have to come in there and have plays that I like. He definitely listens to us. When we propose something to him, though, we have to have a rationale for why it works based on film so if you want something run you better have a reason behind it.”

That’s why Bentley spends so much time in the film room every day during the season. How much? He estimates he spends three hours a day five days a week going over film without the coaching staff.

“That’s not an exact number but however long it takes. Some days maybe more,” he said.

South Carolina’s quarterbacks break down their film study into situations. For instance, third downs on Monday, red zone on Tuesday, etc.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve slept here before one night,” Bentley said. “It’s just getting what we need to get in. You don’t want to leave the facility knowing that there is something else we could have watched or prepared for.”

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