Josh Kendall

What does Arkansas’ defensive coordinator think of Jake Bentley?

While South Carolina fans rightfully worry about their team’s vanishing offense, it’s worth a moment of perspective about what everyone else in the SEC thinks of the Gamecocks’ sophomore quarterback.

“They are taking advantage of all resources that they they have, that being with the quarterback,” Arkansas defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads said.

Jake Bentley and South Carolina will host the Razorbacks on Saturday in Williams-Brice Stadium. While the Gamecocks offense is a mess at the moment, it’s true that no opponent who watches the team play believes that is Bentley’s fault.

“The quarterback’s a good player. He’s a coach’s son. He understands the game, very thorough. He understands their offense very thoroughly, and he’s a guy they lean on,” Rhoads said. “He’s a tough guy. He’s not afraid to run it. If you give him space, he’s going to run it and he’s going to drop his shoulder. He’s not going to slide to the ground. At the same time, if he sees a receiver that’s wide open, he’s going to let it fly in a scramble situation and got a big touchdown out of that because of it.”

Bentley is third in the SEC in passing, with 251.4 yards per game. He is completing 62.4 percent of his passes for 1,257 yards, nine touchdowns and four interceptions.

“He looks like a seasoned quarterback who has been there,” Rhoads said. “So he’s got some time under his belt there. Growing up in the film room, if you will, with a dad who is a coach, I think it shows.”