Josh Kendall

Kendall's Morning Meeting: Impressing the other guy's boss

    Along with discussing what their football future holds, South Carolina defenders Kelcy Quarles and Victor Hampton also expressed their surprise Tuesday that Coastal Carolina coach Joe Moglia is back in football.

    (As for the NFL decision, it sounds to me like both Quarles and Hampton will be playing professional football next year. Here are all the details on that.)

    “I read somewhere that he’s a really rich guy. Is that true?” Hampton asked reporters.

    It is. Moglia is the former CEO of TD Ameritrade and his net worth at one point was estimated at $1.2 billion.

    “He needs to let me borrow some of that then,” Hampton said. “I was surprised when I saw that for a billionaire to still want to be coaching.”

    That was Quarles’ reaction as well.

    “That just shows his passion for the game,” Quarles said. “You could be sitting on your butt at home but you’re out coaching this team. I would want to play for a coach like that.”


    Or work for him. Don’t be shocked to see some Gamecocks slip a resume under Moglia’s playsheet at some point Saturday.

    Around the SEC:

    Lost in the Prayer at Jordan-Hare on Saturday was the fact that Georgia coach Mark Richt was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for his sideline behavior earlier in that game. Like Bigfoot sightings, seeing Richt lose his temper is a rare occurrence.


    So what did he say?


    "I got as close to his face as I could and said: You guys are the best officials in the Southeastern Conference," Richt told reporters in Athens, laughing as he recounted it. "Then Penn (Wagers) threw the flag. So I think if he had heard what I said he might not have thrown it. But I think he thought I was continuing on with my opinion of what had happened."


    If that’s the real story, it would be very Mark Richt of him.

    Here’s the daily scoop on Missouri, which gets quarterback James Franklin back this week but has some banged up wide receivers.

    There is an argument in Tennessee this week on whether or not Tennessee-Vanderbilt is a rivalry or not. My vote is no. Yours?