Josh Kendall

Could college football have recruiting scandal? Muschamp says there’s ‘huge difference’

With college basketball embroiled in a coast-to-coast scandal, plenty of people have wondered if college football could be next. However, there’s a big difference between the two sports when it comes to recruiting, South Carolina head football coach Will Muschamp said Tuesday.

“Our apparel companies aren’t targeting our guys at this point that I know of in high school,” Muschamp said. “That’s where I think it becomes much different between the two sports to my knowledge. I think that’s a huge difference.”

The college basketball scandal centers around shoe companies and agents providing impermissible benefits to high school basketball players in an attempt to either steer them to a particular school or secure their signature at the time they turn pro, or both. The risk versus reward of doing the same thing in college football is lower, and that might factor in keeping similar corruption lower in college football.

There is also a difference in the sheer number of players football and basketball teams recruit. Whereas Muschamp and his staff are dealing with approximately 300 for the 2019 recruiting class, basketball teams probably recruit no more than 25 players per year, Muschamp speculated. The smaller numbers make the relative value of each player much higher in college basketball recruiting.

“The number of targets also changes the landscape,” Muschamp said.