Josh Kendall

Jerri Spurrier recovering after ‘scary’ incident, long hospital stay

Jerri Spurrier, wife of former South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier and the one-time First Lady of the SEC, is recovering at the couple’s home after a scary medical situation.

“That was sort of a serious deal,” Steve Spurrier told The State. “We did a little praying.”

Jerri Spurrier was hospitalized in Gainesville, Fla., for eight days after a ruptured appendix led to a serious infection.

“She had tubes in her arm, and they put that one down her nose,” Steve Spurrier said. “Oh, it was ugly there for a while, but she’s much better now. She had a blood test yesterday and everything was normal so we’re very happy about that. She will make a full recovery, but it will take a while.”

Steve and Jerri Spurrier have been married 51 years. They were married in the summer of 1966, shortly before Steve Spurrier won the Heisman Trophy as Florida’s starting quarterback. Steve would go on to be the winningest head coach at Florida and South Carolina, all the while with Jerri by his side as the most recognizable of SEC football spouses.

The couple lives now in Gainesville, Fla., where Steve serves as a consultant for the Gators football team. As long as Jerri’s recovery goes well, Steve Spurrier plans to be in Columbia later this month to participate in the McDaniels Golf Classic at Fort Jackson Golf Club on March 30. The tournament benefits the Lexington Medical Center Foundation.