Josh Kendall

Does spring game attendance matter? Here's what Will Muschamp thinks

South Carolina footballcoach Will Muschamp wants to compete in everything.

At the moment, the Gamecocks are not competitive in spring game attendance, which in recent years has become something trumpeted by other schools around the league.

Nebraska, which is now being coached by former Huskers star Scott Frost, had the highest spring game attendance in the country this year with 86,818 fans. Georgia was next at 82,184, followed by Alabama at 74,732.

South Carolina’s game on March 31 was attended by 25,500. Asked if the attendance numbers mattered, Muschamp replied, “Sure,” but then indicated that he’s not that concerned about it.

“I want to see who is counting some of these spring game attendances,” he joked. “Some of these spring games, I’m watching the crowd and what they are putting out there is not what I think it is. I think we got cheated on some of ours. I thought we had more than 25,000. Let’s say we had 50,000.”

Teams who fill their stadiums for what are, basically, glorified practices boast about that in their recruiting efforts.

“I thought we had a good turnout,” Muschamp said. “We’ve got a lot going on in our state during that time. I know one thing, Sept. 1 it’s going to be full. That’s when it counts.”

According to research done by, Ohio State has had the three-highest attended spring games in history – 100,189 in 2016, 99,391 in 2015 and 95,722 in 2009. Next on that list is Georgia, which drew 93,000 in 2016, when it also hosted a concert by Ludarcris.