Josh Kendall

The best, and funniest, question Will Muschamp took at Gamecock Club meeting

Will Muschamp addressed the Aiken County Gamecock Club on Monday night and before he went in, he said this: “It’s always a great crowd, a rambunctious crowd here in Aiken. They like to have a good time, so it’s awesome.”

The crowd did not disappoint. One fan stumped Muschamp for a minute by asking South Carolina’s head football coach if he would pay the fan’s bourbon bill if the Gamecocks lost to Kentucky again.

“No,” Muschamp replied. “You look like you drink a lot of bourbon.”

The question and the answer brought guffaws from the crowd, but the query was reasonable. The Gamecocks have lost to the Wildcats four years in a row. No SEC East team owns a similar winning streak against South Carolina. Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops has won 12 conference games in five years, and one-third of them have come against the Gamecocks.

It’s a fairly inexplicable streak, but it opened up an interesting subject.

“You know what? Every game is important, starting with (the season opener against) Coastal Carolina. I know it’s a very boring response, but it’s my response to everything.”

That approach came from Alabama head coach Nick Saban, Muschamp’s boss at LSU, but Muschamp then acknowledged that in his heart of hearts he knows that there are games that matter more than Coastal Carolina.

“Do I know there are certain games that are bigger than others? One hundred percent, but what I want is consistency in your performance. If you have the same focus every time out, it creates consistency in your performance.

“I understand there are some games out there that are more important. I get that, but we have to have the approach that every week is a season.”