Josh Kendall

Will coach Muschamp’s motivational ploy work on David Williams?

Will Muschamp was waiting on the question it seemed.

It came Wednesday from our David Cloninger. “What do you want to see from David Williams?” Without hesitation, South Carolina’s first-year head coach replied, “Everyday consistency. The guy’s got some ability, but you know… it’s hard when you have to challenge somebody every single day of practice and every single meeting. It gets tiring for coaches. I asked him the other day, ‘What have you accomplished since you’ve been here?’”

Williams didn’t answer the question, Muschamp said. Here’s what the statistics say for the junior tailback from Philadelphia: two seasons, two starts, 131 carries, 555 yards and two touchdowns. It was enough of a track record to get listed as the No. 1 tailback entering the spring and the fall, but it may not be enough to keep him in that spot.

South Carolina’s coaches saw glimpses in the spring of the kind of effort they expect from Williams and believe he can be a very big part of their offense if he gives that type of effort consistently. Muschamp’s answer Wednesday seemed like a way of coaxing out that effort in the least subtle way possible.

It had a little Steve Spurrier Motivation Through the Media to it, although Spurrier at times wouldn’t even wait for the question to be asked. Muschamp, at least, waited for the question. Now we’ll wait and see if his answer has the effect he hopes.