Josh Kendall

Gamecocks ‘all have something to prove’ in 2016

A few years back, after No. 6 South Carolina trounced No. 5 Georgia 35-7, then-Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt made a comment that a lot of Gamecock fans thought was crazy.

The gist of Richt’s words was this: “The good news is, we all stunk so nobody can point fingers at anybody else.” That comment generated more than a few snickers in Columbia, but Richt had a point in a way. The Bulldogs clearly realized they had reached rock bottom as a group, and that team won seven of its next eight after that game and finished No. 4 in the country.

South Carolina linebacker T.J. Holloman said something last week that made me think back to Richt’s comment. Holloman was asked if he thought the team’s much-maligned defensive linemen had something to prove.

His response: “I feel we all have something to prove. A 3-9 team, the blame is on everyone. It is not just one single position. It’s all of us.”

There’s value in embracing a failure as a unit. Certainly it’s going to take everyone in the building to pull the program back from last year’s dismal season. The project is too big for one person or one position group to get their arms around alone.

Maybe Mark Richt was on to something.

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