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Which Gamecocks freshmen will play this year?

Let’s play every fan’s favorite August college football game – “Which True Freshmen Will Play This Year?”

College football coaches hate this game, pointing out that it’s folly to try to figure out two weeks before the season opener which of their first-year players will redshirt and which will contribute.

“Really we won’t make those decisions totally until about midseason,” South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp said. “I’ve been through this a lot and sometimes you’re midway through camp and you think there is no way a young man is going to play and all of a sudden an injury or two happens and he’s thrust into playing time.”

While Muschamp and company don’t have to make any hard and fast decisions on the subject anytime soon, the rest of us can speculate all we’d like, and this is the point of the season where you can begin to get an idea of which guys are headed for the field and which guys are headed for the scout team. (This is also a good time for a reminder that there’s no shame in a redshirt season. Oftentimes injuries and depth chart in front of a player have as much to do with the decision as ability.)

We’ll break the newcomers up into three categories – Yes, On The Fence and No. None of these labels are set in stone obviously.


▪  QB Brandon McIlwain

▪  WR Bryan Edwards

▪  WR Korey Banks

▪  LB T.J. Brunson

▪  DL D.J. Wonnum

▪  DL Keir Thomas

▪  DL Kobe Smith

▪  OL Chandler Farrell*

On The Fence

▪  WR Chavis Dawkins

▪  WR Randrecous Davis

▪  TE Kiel Pollard

▪  TE Evan Hinson

▪  TE Robert Tucker

▪  CB Chris Smith


▪  QB Jake Bentley

▪  RB Rico Dowdle

▪  RB C.J. Freeman

▪  OL Sadarius Hutcherson

▪  OL Pika Leota

▪  OL Will Putnam

▪  OL Darius Whitfield

▪  DL Griffin Gentry

▪  DL Stephon Taylor

▪  DL Aaron Thompson

*Walk on

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