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USC freshman Felder assaulted victim and police officer, incident report says

Rakym Felder

Freshman Rakym Felder
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Freshman Rakym Felder

South Carolina men’s basketball freshman Rakym Felder was out of jail on Monday, but the details of his Sunday arrest leave his future with the Gamecocks murky.

Felder knocked one victim unconscious and assaulted a Columbia police officer Sunday morning after being tased, according to an incident report from Columbia Police Department. Felder was charged with disorderly/public disorderly conduct; simple assault and battery; pedestrian unlawfully in roadway; unlawful alteration of driver’s license; failure to stop on police command; and resisting arrest/interfering with a police officer.

Felder, as per USC athletics department policy, is suspended from all team activities until the matter is resolved. A team spokesperson said Sunday night that coach Frank Martin was aware of the arrest and was gathering information.

The incident report said Felder was arrested at 1:26 a.m. Sunday at 800 Harden Street, which is the address of the Carolina Pour House bar in Five Points. Felder “engaged an unknown person in physical combat, using personal weapons” when he sucker-punched a bystander before entering the roadway. The victim lost consciousness.

An officer followed Felder, shouting for him to stop, until Felder ran into a fenced-in parking lot. The officer used an X26 Taser on Felder and found an altered ID upon searching him.

When the officer called for a transport van, Felder “began to resist, kicking and striking at officers attempting to place the listed subject into the transport van. The second listed victim, a CPD officer, was assaulted during the listed subject’s attempted resisting arrest.”

Felder hadn’t posted bonds for the two most serious charges by Sunday night, but online records showed a bond of $1,087.50 had been posted Monday morning. On the other four charges, he was released on personal recognizance bonds.

Felder, a 5-foot-10 guard from Brooklyn who played his freshman year of high school in Indian Land, was a three-star prospect and one of eight newcomers Martin signed this season. The Gamecocks had a mass of attrition during the offseason after six players were involved in various legal incidents in March.

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