Phil Kornblut

Woods will get to USC this summer

DL Jay Woods of Jackson, GA visited Clemson last week and came away impressed. He has the Tigers in his top 11.

"I've already seen the recruiting side of Clemson, like the facilities and all," he said. "I wanted to see the academic side. I talked to the coaches and they took me to see what they have to offer."

Woods' top 11 are Clemson, USC, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Duke, Missouri, Central Florida, Kentcky, Nebraska and Texas A&M. He will visit Vandy July 8th and is planning a visit to USC this summer as well.

"I just talked to their coaches and they are trying to schedule a time when they'll be there for me to come," Woods said. "To get an offer from South Carolina meant a lot to me because they're putting out great defensive linemen. My coach told me they have a great coaching staff."

Woods plans to narrow his list to five before making a decision.

"You can only take five official visits and I would like to do that," he said. "I'm not sure I will though. If I go some place that I really like and it feels like the right place, I could commit then."

His visit to Clemson was his second trip to the Upstate. His visit to USC will be his first.

Woods does not have any leaders.