Phil Kornblut

Crosby Jr. will make 11th hour decision

Kevin "K.C." Crosby
Kevin "K.C." Crosby GoGamecocks

TE Kevin Crosby Jr. of Bamberg-Ehrhardt has not yet made his decision and won't do so until Friday night or Saturday morning according to his coach and father Butch Crosby. Crosby Jr. is to announce his decision at Noon on Saturday at the Savannah Creek Baptist Church in Ehrhardt.

He is considering USC, Clemson, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida. Florida State called this week but the Seminoles are not going to be able to get into the mix. "Everything is still the same," said coach Crosby. "We're not going to sit down and talk about it until late Friday. He's taking finals this week in school so we don't want to get into it too much. So we'll sit up late Friday night and talk about it or early Saturday morning."

Crosby Jr. has not talked to any of the recruiters from his final five this week. And the coach said his son is not going to make a spectacle of the announcement. "I just think he's going to talk and then he's just going to come out of his announcement," he said. "I don't like the idea of putting a bunch of schools up there and trying to do it that way. That's just my personal feeling. You know where you want to go so once you make that decision, put the hat on and we'll move on from there."

In April, coach Crosby stated that USC was the favorite but since then he and his son have taken non-committal position regarding a front runner. He visited USC in April. He also visited Alabama twice earlier in the year. He also made visits to Clemson, Florida and North Carolina.