Phil Kornblut

Huggins playing the field early on

DL Albert Huggins (6-5 283) of Orangeburg-Wilkinson is projected as one of the nation's top prospects in the 2015 class and he has 11 offers at this point...USC, Clemson, Florida State, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisville, Georgia, NC State, North Carolina and SC State.

His only visit this summer was to Clemson's camp earlier this month. "I enjoyed myself and learned a lot of things I can use in my games," Huggins said. "The coaches were saying they love me and they want me up there but they are not going to pressure me to come."

Huggins did not make it to USC's camp Saturday because he went with some teammates to a seven on seven event in Sumter, but he has talked with recruiter Everette Sands and has met defensive line coach Deke Adams. "He talked a lot about school and how good I can be and how I can fit in," Huggins said. "I asked some questions about the graduation rate and how the 2015 recruiting class is looking, stuff like that."

At this point, Huggins says he's carrying no favorites. "I'm trying to keep an open mind," he said.

However, he did grow up a Georgia fan, so he faces a pair of dilemmas this season with the Bulldogs playing Clemson and USC. "I try to keep up with them and that's the school on Saturday's I root for," Huggins said. "When I first got the offer, It was my dream offer, but the situation is, you never know, I've got two more years and you never know how my mind will be. I know I'll be visiting other schools the next two years, but my mind set is toward Georgia and all the rest of the schools are chasing. But I don't know yet."

So, when Georgia plays Clemson, who does he pull for? "That's a tough one," he said. "I have to be equal on that one. Whoever wins it, I have to congratulate them." And when USC faces the Dogs? "I don't know, treat that the same. I just can't pick one."

Huggins said he does not have a timetable on a commitment, and he will not be an early graduate from high school.