Phil Kornblut

Peak says Hoya history won out over USC

6-5 LJ Peak of Gaffney is one of the nation's most talented players in the 2014 class and Tuesday night he put his ability to reverse directions on display.

After first putting on a USC cap indicating a commitment to the Gamecocks, Peak tossed it aside and replaced it with a Georgetown Hoya cap, much to the shock of the partisan Gamecock crowd in attendance. "I just figured Georgetown can get me to the next level and so I just happened to choose Georgetown," Peak said. "They have a great history and I just thought why not join the history. South Carolina ain't really got a history of great players and getting them to the NBA so I just happened to choose Georgetown."

Peak has never visited Georgetown. He said he made his final decision on Sunday but actually informed the staffs last week. Florida State was the other school on his short list. Most observers felt Peak would choose USC. He and his close friend Shaq Davidson, who committed to the USC football team Tuesday night, visited USC in the spring, and it appeared the Gamecock basketball staff had a strong relationship with him.

And for a few seconds Tuesday night, it appeared Frank Martin had landed his highest rated recruit to date at USC when Peak donned the Gamecock cap. "I just thought it would be fun because everybody thought me and Shaq were going to the same school," Peak explained. "I just thought I'd change it up a little bit. I really thought about going to South Carolina, I just happened to change it."