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W.W. King team wins skeet shooting tournament

Imagine shooting 448 flying targets with a 12-gauge automatic rifle in just two days.

I couldn’t hit one flying target if my life depended on it.

But three competitors from W.W. King Academy did just that to win the Intermediate Skeet Shooting National Championship in Sparta, Ill., earlier this month.

As a team, Tripp Amick, Austin Barley and Justin Fox hit 448 clay targets out of 600 during the two-day tournament.

W.W. King’s varsity team, made up of Austin Rodgers, Jason Cromer and Tyler Rodgers, placed seventh out of 33 teams.

Including Orien Flurett, Tyler Harmon and Matt Rush, the junior varsity team placed 13th out of 34 teams.

And a second intermediate team, with Daniel Dorn, Haley Rodgers and Rich Mizzell, also competed.

This is the second year W. W. King Academy has had a skeet shooting team and the second year the school has competed in the national championship.

Their participation has almost doubled in the two years they’ve had the team; last year, they had 12 kids, and this year they have 23.

“A lot of kids that weren’t participating in athletics in other areas (needed an activity),” said coach Watson Dorn. “This is a perfect fit for them. We’re looking for big things in the years to come.”

All four W.W. King Academy teams competed in the state championship held in Clinton in May.

Amick, Barley and Fox also won that tournament.

W.W. King’s varsity team placed first as well, and the junior varsity team won second place in the state championship.

Dorn said skeet shooting is the fastest growing sport in the nation.

What kid doesn’t like to blow things to bits, even if it is a clay target?

Congratulations to the intermediate team from W.W. King who won the national championship.

Here’s to many more years of happy shooting for W.W. King.

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