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New! On Basketball with Debbie Stroman

Lower Richland head coach Debbie Stroman
Lower Richland head coach Debbie Stroman

Coach Debbie Stroman is a veteran girls high school basketball coach at Lower Richland. Her team has won five state championships, including the last three Class 4A championships. Each week, beginning today, Coach Stroman gives readers an inside look into high school basketball.

Since this is my first entry into the world of blogging and opinions, I wanted to go big. But of course, I am a coach, and when I walk in thedoor I do expect to get some really important things done, like this blog for instance.

But that is not always the case, so instead of getting this done this morning like I planned it turned into an afternoon before practice assignment. I am rushed today because my team has taken on a project this year, Families Helping Families, I thought it was a good idea and still is to expose the players to volunteerism and giving during the season.

What I didn’t expect is the time it takes to coordinate such a task. But my assistant coaches and players pushed along and I got it. The gifts were delivered today with smiling faces and sore fingers from cutting paper and taping boxes together.

While shopping for gifts and writing out plays, we do play games. We, the Diamonds, played Keenan Friday night at Keenan. I was very pleased to see such a large crowd come out for the games. I had an opportunity see a few old friends. One in particular, Coach Van McCloud, was in the house. She was seated behind the Lower Richland bench leaning forward as if she was involved in every play. I had just a short minute or so after my game to say hello and catch up with the coach.

Coach McCloud is very much retired and happy, I did offer her a chance to come to Lower Richland to help if she liked but she turned me down. And I understand after coaching for so many years that once your out you want to stay out and enjoy yourself.