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On Basketball with Debbie Stroman: Holiday tournaments

Lower Richland head coach Debbie Stroman
Lower Richland head coach Debbie Stroman

Coach Debbie Stroman is a veteran girls high school basketball coach at Lower Richland. Her team has won five state championships, including the last three Class 4A championships. Each week, beginning today, Coach Stroman gives readers an inside look into high school basketball.

Holiday tournaments are a great team building tool. Teams sleep two and three to a bed, eat whenever and whatever and sometimes stay up at all hours of the night to discuss basketball strategy. These things can help build your team outlook for the season.

Players and coaches learn time management skills, We all don't need sleep so you really can leave that off your schedule. If given free time players can invent all kinds of things to do to by their time.

One morning while watching my team out on a ocean-view terrace at the Crescent Bank Holiday Invitational, the players decided to mark their territory by drawing a huge diamond and LRHS in the sand. They then decided to play what looked a little like "Red Rover".

Other teams can out to enjoy the scene and some even came up with there own version on the game.

Some teams have traveled great distances to accomplish things that regular mortals just dream of, playing against some of the best competition they will see this year. We build our teams to believe that playing during the holiday is what's best for the team and sometimes it is.

You can win some and may lose some but some of the memories and team building situations will be remembered and some even talked about with future teams.

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