High School Sports

St. Joseph's sweeps SCISA meet

St. Joseph's made it a clean sweep at the SCISA Class 3A state cross country meet Saturday, winning each individual and team honor in boys and girls races at Heathwood Hall.

The Knights won the boys team title by eight points against Porter-Gaud, 33-41. It was the third consecutive championship for St. Joseph's, which was led by race winner Josh Benore in a time of 17 minutes, 2 seconds.

It was much easier for the St. Joseph's girls, who beat Ashley Hall 19-64. Emily Coggins won the individual title.

It was the first individual title for both Benore and Coggins. Each finished second last season.

"The girls came here expecting to win going away, and that's what they did," Knights coach George Carr said. "The boys race was the exciting one. I was confident our top three runners would perform up to expectations, but it all came down to our fourth and fifth runners. They got the job done and that was the difference."

All five of St. Joseph's scoring girls made the all-state team, as did three of the five boys whose places counted.

Heathwood Hall's boys and the Hammond girls led Midlands-area teams by each placing third. It was the best showing for the Highlands in eight years. The Skyhawks placed third for the second year in a row after winning four consecutive titles.

Heathwood Hall's Brooke Grice (3rd, 20:11.02) and West Summers (5th, 17:45.93), Ben Lippen's Hunter Frady (4th, 17:44.49) and Hammond's Charlotte Bristow (9th, 20:40.08) were Midlands all-state runners.

In Class 2A-A, Spartanburg Christian's girls won for the fifth consecutive season and Trinity Collegiate's boys won for the second year in a row. Spartanburg Christian's Logan Morris (20:14.76) and Oakbrook Prep's Adam Rollins (17:56.40) were the small-school individual champs.


Team scores: St. Joseph's 19, Ashley Hall 64, Hammond 96, Heathwood Hall 131, Ben Lippen 159, Porter-Gaud 209, Hilton Head Prep 211, Wilson Hall 215, Cardinal Newman 222, Augusta Christian 225, Pinewood Prep 234, Orangeburg Prep 353.

Top 10 individuals: 1. Emily Coggins, St. Joseph's, 19:58.32; 2. Dani Inglesby, St. Joseph's, 20:06.41; 3. Brooke Grice, Heathwood Hall, 20:11.02; 4. Katie Lynam, St. Joseph's; 20:17.90; 5. Katie Sanders, St. Joseph's, 20:20.0; 6. Bailey Horn, Ashley Hall, 20:28.73; 7. Meagan Bright, Florence Christian, 20:36.84; 8. Kaylie Henk, St. Joseph's, 20:37.82; 9. Charlotte Bristow, Hammond, 20:40.08; 10. Morgan Lee, Ashley Hall, 20:47.45


Team scores: St. Joseph's 33, Porter-Gaud 41, Heathwood Hall 98, Ben Lippen 133, Wilson Hall 134, Pinewood Prep 164, Hilton Head Prep 179, Hammond 234, Cardinal Newman 257, Orangeburg Prep 261, Laurence Manning 285, Augusta Christian 353.

Top 10 individuals: 1. Joshua Benore, St. Joseph's, 17:02.75; 15.67; 2. Brent Demarest, Porter-Gaud, 17:13.71; 3. Ben Longenecker, St. Joseph's, 17:21.05; 4. Hunter Frady, Ben Lippen, 17:44.49; 5. West Summers, Heathwood Hall, 17:45.93; 6. Brad Benore, St. Joseph's, 17:46.31; 7. Layne Mather, Porter-Gaud, 17:46.93; 8. Wesley Mather, Porter-Gaud, 17:48.22; 9. Brendan Ward, Porter-Gaud, 17:56.28; 10. Taylor Katsanis, Pinewood Prep, 18:05.06.