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Justin Parker recruiting diary

Justin Parker
Justin Parker

Beaufort High School linebacker Justin Parker has emerged as one of the nation's top recruiting prospects, earning more than a dozen scholarship offers from Division I schools and cracking Sporting News Today's list of top 100 football recruits for the 2010 class. As Parker approaches his much-anticipated decision, the senior agreed to give readers a glimpse into the recruiting process with a diary every Wednesday, as told to Beaufort Gazette/Island Packet sports reporter Brandon Parker.

The South Carolina-Clemson football game was really fun and, of course, intense since it's pretty much the biggest college game in the state. The fans were crazy on both sides, and even though I'd been to one of these rivalry games before, it was a little different this time with me being a senior and recruited by both schools. Almost every time I got up out of my seat, a South Carolina fan would say, "Hey, we need you on our team," or a Clemson fan would say, "Don't come to this school." All I could really do was just laugh it off, nod my head and keep going.

After the game, I went to the USC locker room and the whole team was really excited to have won. The way that they were celebrating, it was almost like they had won the SEC championship or something, but I know it's a big win for them and their fans. I ended up talking to (Gamecocks senior linebacker) Eric Norwood for a little bit and he was asking me if I saw how hard they played on defense and together as a team. For the most part, I was pretty impressed with the way South Carolina played and at the same time, I'll be looking forward to see how Clemson does in the ACC championship this weekend.

I recently talked with (LSU defensive coach John) Chavis and (USC assistant coach Shane) Beamer and they both said that they planned on coming to visit me at school this week. Coach Beamer is supposed to be stopping by today for a little while and Coach Chavis said he'd be coming through on Thursday, so I'm looking forward to talking with them some.

Otherwise, I'm just getting ready for the Shrine Bowl, which I leave for in about two weeks. I'm really excited for the opportunity to play with some other great players in the Carolinas and I'm sure that I'll enjoy the experience.

My top five schools (in order): South Carolina, Clemson, LSU, Georgia Tech, N.C. State.