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SCHSL to re-hear Lancaster appeal

Because of a "procedural error," Lancaster will re-present an appeal to the High School League today that would move Boiling Springs from Region 2-4A into Region 3 for the 2010-12 school years, SCHSL executive director Jerome Singleton said.

The appeal will take place at 8:30 a.m. at the league office in Columbia.

"Boiling Springs was not notified by Lancaster that their appeal had them moved," Singleton said in a phone interview Tuesday.

League rules state that any school that appeals to have another school moved out of its current region must notify any affected school before presenting the appeal, Singleton said.

Lancaster's appeal, which was granted by the league's executive committee on Nov. 24, requested it be moved from Region 3-4A to Region 4 because of travel issues.

Irmo High School also would move from Region 4 to Region 5 under Lancaster's proposal.

Singleton said the appeal was granted on Nov. 24 because "the executive committee saw that it was appropriate."

Boiling Springs athletics director and football coach Bruce Clark voiced his displeasure with the move to Region 3 for expense and travel reasons and because he found out by "word of mouth."