High School Sports

Class 4A All-Area Boys Cross Country

Player of the year: Joe Keitt

School: Ridge View

Year: Junior

What he did: Won silver at the state meet (16 minutes, 3.5 seconds) to lead the Blazers to second place. ... Named to all-state team. ... Won Middle State qualifier (16:03.53), placed second at Region 4 championship (16:12.66), placed fourth at Wendy's Invitational (16:12) and won Sandhills Invitational (16:26.66).

What was the biggest challenge you faced this season? Having a lot of new runners on the team and not really knowing them very well. I had to get to know them to build the team up. And also, keeping focused on my schoolwork. My family, my coaches and my teachers helped me with that.

How much time do you spend running? In the summer, probably at least 50 percent of my time is spent on running or doing something to benefit running. During school it's less, but still a good bit of time.

What is your favorite trail to run? There used to be, we called it a nature trail, across from our school, and we ran it like every day for warmups at practice. It was a really great trail. They built a Food Lion there, so over half of it is gone.

What's the longest distance you've run? The longest I ever ran was eight miles in practice. I was so tired, but that won't be the last time I do that. I'd like to run a marathon or half-marathon one day.

What did it feel like when you finished the state championship 5K? I was so surprised. (The year before) I almost fainted when I finished; I fell to my knees. This time, I was out of breath but I could walk. I was so surprised. That means our coach did a very good job of preparing me.

Other than running, what do you do best? I'm pretty good at math. I've always been good at it, every year.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I should be having a successful life, maybe as an engineer. I don't know about the wife and kids and all of that, but maybe, uh, we'll see. And I might run some marathons, but I don't plan on running being my main goal in life after college.



Will Belue, Lexington | Finished 10th at the state meet (16:27.12)

Colby Coulter, Lexington | Placed ninth in the state (16:26.67)

Drew Harris, Lexington | All-state selection led Wildcats to state championship

Will Ivey, Spring Valley | Placed 11th in the state (16:29)

David Jennings, Ridge View | Placed eighth in the state (16:26.46)