High School Sports

Class 4A Boys All-Area Swimming

Vincent King
Vincent King

Player of the year: Vincent King

School: Lexington

Year: Junior

What he did: Won bronze in the 50 freestyle with a time of 22.16 seconds. Placed fourth in the 100 freestyle (48.18).

What is your favorite event? The 100 freestyle. I can swim it and be out before my hair gets wet, but it still requires some endurance.

What is your first memory of swimming? I've been swimming all my life. My dad threw me in the water when I was about 3 weeks old, and I started swimming then. I started competing 10 years ago. I wasn't good for a very long time. I remember in my summer league team at Golden Hills struggling to get across the finish line. But I got serious later on and started to get in more competitive groups and practice more.

What music gets you ready for competition? I like Pearl Jam before I swim. I guess my favorite song is "Jeremy," or "Black" or "The Fixer."

What athlete inspires you? Jeffrey Mead. He has been my teammate for four years. Jeffrey and I have a friendly competition going on, and we kind of push each other to go faster.

Aside from swimming, what are your biggest talents? When I'm not swimming, I love to write. I am currently working on a second novel. I found this contest, the goal is to write a 50,000-word novel in one month, and it's every February. It means no one ever sees me in February. This is the second time I've done it. This one is about an out of work detective ... but then he is led on a big series of mysteries that lead to the greatest mystery of all.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I can see myself living up in the mountains, happily married with a few kids, writing part-time and maybe leading the youth ministry at a church and polishing a few Olympic medals. Of course, if my wife has some career aspirations, I wouldn't have a problem with being a stay-at-home dad.



50 freestyle

Vincent King, Lexington

Won bronze medal with 22.16-second finish

100 freestyle


Placed fourth in state (48.18 seconds)

200 freestyle

Eric Wenzinger, Lexington

Placed eighth in state (1:49.91)

500 freestyle

Hunter Bagnal, Spring Valley

Won bronze medal (4:49.39)

100 backstroke

Jeffrey Mead, Lexington

Placed fourth in state (55.41)

100 breaststroke

Andrew Ewing, Spring Valley

Won bronze medal (1:02.06)

100 butterfly

Bagnal, Spring Valley

Placed seventh in state (54.48)

200 individual medley

Ben Spinek, Spring Valley

Placed eighth in state (2:03.21)

200 freestyle relay

Lexington: King, Mead, Wenzinger, Colt Kirkpatrick

Won bronze medal (1:29.13)

400 freestyle relay

Lexington: Mead, King, Wenzinger, Evan Harris

Won silver medal (3:16.01)

200 medley relay

Spring Valley: Ewing, Bagnal, Mason Thornley, Michael Gastright

Won bronze medal (1:41.98)