This Columbia based comic book artist has drawn for Marvel, DC and now the Fireflies

Provided by Columbia Fireflies
Provided by Columbia Fireflies

At Saturday's Columbia Fireflies game, attendees will notice the bright yellow jerseys of the home team with a dynamic, new looking mascot. Gone is flaming tailed winged insect design, replaced by figure bursting from the jersey fist first, looking much like a comic book cover. Of course it looks like a comic cover. It's superhero night at the July 7 Fireflies game. The new jersey was designed by Columbia based comic book artist Sanford Greene.

Greene is a well known artist who's worked with preeminent comic book creators Marvel and DC as well as having a book coming up with Image Comics. Currently Greene works for Marvel. Recently he's helped create the look of Black Panther and Power Man, aka Luke Cage, and the Iron Fist. He's worked on a series based on the 1970s private eye, Shaft, put out by Dynamite Comics. For DC he's penciled Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and a host of others. Image Comics is set to put out a book with Greene's art titled Bitter Root, a supernatural story set in the 1920s during the Harlem Renaissance. There aren't many well known superheroes that Greene hasn't penned.

Greene hails from Charleston but settled in Columbia years ago. Last month he was nominated for a prestigious Ringo Award, a prominent honor in the comic book world. Greene gained the nomination in the Best Webcomic category for his 1000 series described as "a modern world of aliens, warlocks, zombies, and ancient beasts, '1000' follows Dragon Son - a supreme entity who’s abandoned all creation as he struggles to return to his true Dragon form by completing 1,000 acts of repentance."

A number of the Fireflies superheroes jerseys will be auctioned off with proceeds benefiting Hope Worldwide, "a non-profit organization that raises money to bring hope and change to the lives of those who are suffering, poor and sick."