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Clemson expecting to be granted extra time for investigation info failed drug tests

The clock is ticking on Clemson’s appeal for the three players that failed drug tests prior to the College Football Playoff, but the Tigers are expecting to receive an extension from the NCAA, according to Clemson Director of Athletics Dan Radakovich.

“We’re working through that process right now. We’re getting ready to ask for and will be granted an extension so that we can continue to build that case,” Radakovich said. “We’ll be filing that shortly with the NCAA. That will be granted and we’ll just have a little more time, an additional 45 days, to gather results of information that we’re pulling together.”

Radakovich believes that progress is being made in Clemson’s quest for answers after Braden Galloway, Zach Giella and Dexter Lawrence tested positive for ostarine, but there is still no resolution yet.

Clemson has sent some things off to be tested but has yet to receive the results, Radakovich said. Radakovich declined to answer what has been sent off for testing.

“It’s kind of out of our hands. We’ve sent some things off to be tested and the results haven’t come back yet,” Radakovich said. “Hopefully it’ll be in the next couple of weeks, but we’re not doing the work, someone else is.”

Lawrence has declared for the NFL draft, while Giella (a junior) and Galloway (a freshman) are facing suspensions for the 2019 season.

Matt Connolly is the Clemson beat writer and covers recruiting and college sports for The State newspaper and The