Letters to the Editor

Gun violence could be curbed with help from gun-sport enthusiasts

I’ve been ruminating on the epidemic of gun violence since the soul-crushing massacre of 20 first-graders in Newtown, Conn., in 2012. I’m not looking to take away everyone’s guns, just for common-sense compromises. I’ve attended meetings, lit candles, written letters, visited lawmakers — all to no avail. Our national and S.C. legislatures have been as impervious as a Kevlar vest.

Letters to the Editor

Methodists taught to love everyone as they love themselves, as God loves all His creations

When I became a Methodist, I accepted the doctrine of the United Methodist Church and declared I would support the United Methodist Church with my time, tithes and talents. I assumed the clergy, those ordained elders of the United Methodist Church, promised to abide by and hold fast to the same doctrine. I guess certain ordained elders now assume they must be “more like the world” to grow Christ’s church, but what we profess and what we do is not a game of winning or losing. As Christians, we are commanded to “do the work of Jesus Christ” in all parts of the world and “to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Letters to the Editor

It’s time for Legislature to bite the bullet on school funding, pay real costs education

The opinion of Derek W. Black, Millicent Brown and Jon Hale, individuals with sufficient and pertinent credentials, it appears, in the March 5, 2019, issue of The State (“South Carolina has an opportunity to get public education reform right”) looks the problem in the face. That is to say, identify and find a way to fund all the real costs of educating our children, especially leaving unfunded mandates to history.