Letters to the Editor

The beauty of New York has lured Haley away from her home state of South Carolina

A few weeks ago, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley received much media attention when she announced plans to convene her fellow delegates for meetings in several locations in South Carolina so they could appreciate the wonderful attributes of her home state. Now we learn that she has sold her residence here to remain in New York City. One is reminded of modified lyrics of that grand old song from the last century, “How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm (After they’ve seen Paree)?” Stay tuned.

Opinion Extra

Voters got it right on state superintendency issue on Nov. 6; Legislature didn’t

On Nov. 6, South Carolina voters were correct in saying they wanted to be able to continue voting for the constitutional officer who oversees the largest portion of South Carolina’s state budget and the education of 700,000 of our citizens. The fact that a question that has few defensible arguments for bringing about real improvements to our beleaguered public education system –or improving the level of accountability for doing so – was chosen should tell South Carolina voters a great deal about how seriously our state Legislature desires the public’s input on issues that truly matter to our state and its future.

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Results of Tri-County scandal ‘a testament to the power of an informed community’

Tri-County Electric Cooperative members spent the past six months working collaboratively to oust the entire Tri-County board for abuses surrounding board compensation and other possible wrongdoing. Co-op members across Tri-County’s six-county service area collected more than 1,600 signatures on petitions, held community meetings, attended Tri-County board meetings — ones properly announced and those unannounced — to amass enough member support for a special member called meeting. As a result, the entire board was ousted in August by a vote of more than 1,400 to 30. Tri-County co-op members followed their member-approved bylaws throughout the entire process, and on Nov. 17, they elected nine new members to the Tri-County Electric Cooperative board. Working with co-op members in their grassroots effort was for me a testament to the power of an informed community.

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A cloud hangs over SCE&G rate rollback decision

After 15 long days, the S.C. Public Service Commission (PSC) wrapped up its hearing on the SCE&G nuclear debacle. In the next few weeks, it will rule on how much SCE&G electric customers will have to pay for the $5 billion the utility spent on the now abandoned nuclear energy project in Fairfield County.