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‘I need this in my life’: Waffle House has a food truck and fans are salivating


There are more than 2,100 Waffle House restaurants in the U.S., with most located in the Southeast.

The iconic chain of 24/7 diners also has a food truck.

For the right price, it could be catering your next special event.

On its website, Waffle House promotes the food truck, while also splashing some cold water on those expecting to see the waffle on wheels at their next food truck jamboree. Don’t.

Waffle House calls the food truck its “most popular addition,” but says it is “for private events only.”

It lists those potential events as weddings, birthday parties, tailgating, family reunions, corporate events, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs — among other possibilities.

The truck has been spotted on the campus of Auburn University, the British Open and movie premieres. It also made headlines when it was part of the catering for an Atlanta couples wedding.

“When he told me he was in love with Waffle House, I knew he was the guy for me,” Katherine Sheely said of her husband Scott, per the “Today” show.

So when the couple, originally from South Carolina and Mississippi, tied the knot they had the Waffle House food truck on hand to feed their guests at the reception, according to the “Today” show. The newlyweds even drove up to the truck’s takeout window in a Rolls Royce.

“We can pull up and cook your desired menu choices for you and your guests,” is how Waffle House promoted the food truck.

This buttery waffle is a staple at the restaurant chain Waffle House. Grant Blankenship The Telegraph

The price is based on the menu items selected, and how much food is ordered, according to Waffle House’s website. There are additional fees for the rental and for mileage the truck covers, which can include “lodging fees” for employees if the truck travels very far outside of Georgia.

For those curious if the food truck has entered the lexicon of Waffle House storm barometer, the answer is yes, it has.

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate has used Waffle Houses to determine how bad storms, particularly hurricanes, are impacting an area.

“If you get there and the Waffle House is closed? That’s really bad. That’s where you go to work,” was how Fugate described the informal measurement, according to the Wall Street Journal.

When he learned about the food truck, Fugate added it to his scale.

“If they are responding with the Waffle House food truck because a store is closed due to a disaster — it’s red,” Fugate tweeted.

The FEMA administrator was not the only person to post on social media after discovering that Waffle House has a food truck.

Many rejoiced, while some began their quest to find it, and one person even mounted a campaign to have his town open a Waffle House so it would be eligible to get a visit from the food truck.

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