Milliken acquires Keystone Aniline Corp.

Spartanburg-based Milliken & Company has announced the acquisition of Keystone Aniline Corp., a global company that makes dyes, pigments and polymers.

Founded in 1920, Keystone is headquartered in Chicago and has operations in Europe and North America, including the company’s largest manufacturing facility in Inman.

Milliken is a global innovation company that focuses on specialty textile, chemicals and floor covering,

Milliken and Keystone each have different expertise in chemical colorants, David Moody, president of the global Milliken Chemical division, said in a statement.

Keystone completed a 35,000-square-foot expansion at the Inman facility last year. The company also acquired Colour Synthesis Solutions, a United Kingdom provider of chemicals and custom chemistry services, in 2016.

“Milliken and Keystone Aniline Corporation share a long history of innovation, environmentally responsible manufacturing and relationship building — core values which connect us in practice, perspective and approach to values-based business,” Milliken President, CEO and Chairman J. Harold Chandler said in a statement. “We look forward to welcoming Keystone to the Milliken family of companies and competing together as we leverage meaningful innovation and environmentally responsible manufacturing.”

Keystone CEO John Andrews stated, “By combining our product portfolios and specialized colorant knowledge with Milliken’s solutions and expertise, we create business and market synergies that will drive new global opportunities and better meet the evolving needs of our customers.”