Another Brown no longer employed by Richland’s Recreation Commission

A former official at the Richland County Recreation Commission, who also is the brother of its controversial ex-director, was fired Tuesday after a grievance hearing.

Jeff Brown had appealed his termination in May, which was based on contentions that Brown had violated harassment and disciplinary policies, said Rick Morgan, a private attorney who handles employment matters for the embattled commission.

Brown’s job had been to oversee the Adult Activity Center at 7494 Parklane Road, said commission interim director Tara Dickerson. Brown’s salary and employment history at the commission were not immediately available.

After a closed-door grievance hearing Tuesday, commissioners voted 5-1 to uphold last year’s decision by agency management, said Morgan and Columbia attorney Bob Coble, both of whom attended the commission meeting.

The only vote not to terminate Brown came from commissioner Donzetta Lindsay, said Coble, who has been hired by the commission to guide it on procedural and open-government matters. Commissioner Robert Lapin was not at the meeting, said Coble, who also is the capital city’s former, longtime mayor.

James Brown III, retired in October from his $151,800 job as agency director amid allegations of misconduct that included sexual harassment of employees. Brown also was indicted on charges that he used his job position to “coerce and attempt to coerce female employees into having sexual contact with him.” In addition, Brown was charged with intimidating a witness.

Brown’s son, James A. Brown, was suspended without pay last year after he was charged in May with drug trafficking. James A. Brown was the agency’s director of recreation. He, too, was terminated last year, Morgan said Tuesday.

A newly named commission is reviewing the agency’s nepotism policy.