2 acres fronting Hardscrabble Road sells for near $3 million

Top Five Richland County

1.93 acres fronting Hardscrabble Road 29016 from The Rangaswami Family Trust to Columbia Hardscrabble, LLC $2,900,000

511 Rimer Pond Road 29016 from A&C Rentals to Round Top Baptist Church $800,000

2849 Stratford Road 29204 from Fredric Woriax and Melissa Woriax to Peyton Durham Bryant and Lyndey Ritz Zwing Bryant $645,000

1210 Ellett Road 29036 from Susan V. Plyler to Joe W. Turbeville and Sarah W. Turbeville $600,000

4529 Nandina Drive 29206 from E. Myron Barwick and Lucy M. Barwick to Joshua Woods Livingston and Polly Rankin Livingston $538,500

Top Five Lexington County

5222 Sunset Boulevard 29072 from Lexington Square, LLC to Lexington at Hope Ferry, LLC $26,798,240

250 Berryhill Road, 100, 121 and 220 Executive Center Drive 29210 from LSREF2 Newton, LLC to BV DRP Synergy Owner, LLC $24,250,000

136 Habra Court 29073 from Martin O’Neal Laird to Jarret W. Todd and Mary Todd $900,000

1936 Amick Drive 29054 from Edgar R. Richardson and Linda N. Richardson Joint Trust to Robert M. Bennett and Wanda H. Bennett $880,000

402 Nautical Court 29036 from Charlie P. Farley, Jr. and Linda J. Farley to Yamil Malave and Claudia Malave $650,000

Top Five Kershaw County

2102 Lake Road 29130 from Linda G. Stogner Revocable Trust to Leland Neal Leonhardt and Kimberly R. Leonhardt $545,000

1645 Etters Lane 29032 from Bruce Gunther and Mary Lynch to Nicholas Charney and Jessica Charney $390,000

152 Kelsney Ridge Road 29045 from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Douglas E. Swager and Jeanne E. Swager $371,256

2683 Harbor View Road 29020 from David B. Petway and Erica H. Petway to Richard Hood $342,500

1465 Ponderosa Drive 29032 from Kenneth Poole and Jennifer Poole to Timothy J. Soesman and Yasmin Lopez $333,000

Richland County


134 Tam O Shanter from Richard D. Ries and Donna J. Ries to Henry W. Suber III and Sharolynn Suber $283,000

1.93 acres fronting Hardscrabble Road from The Rangaswami Family Trust to Columbia Hardscrabble LLC $2,900,000

324 Nava Wren Road from Mungo Homes Inc. to Jane L. Salter $243,204

511 Rimer Pond Road from A&C Rentals to Round Top Baptist Church $800,000

323 Shadowmoss Land from Mungo Homes Inc. to Terrell Vernon Pack and Shenika Brazell Pack $254,900

142 Pineview Church Road from Mathew E. Colling and Estate of Martha P. Frick f/k/a Martha Price Tilley to Allen B. Louthian and Guy B. Louthian $121,500

202 N. High Duck Trail from Fabian A. Murillo to Donald Peteet $190,000


1416 Wonder Drive from Tibble E. Warren to Donald Azarigian $249,900

346 Hollow Cove Road from Mungo Homes Inc. to Yasmin G. Baltzegar $208,400

1210 Ellett Road from Susan V. Plyler to Joe W. Turbeville and Sarah W. Turbeville $600,000

133 Cordage Drive from Brandon Kemp Crutchfield and Kim S. Crutchfield to Kirk Bingenheimer, Maria W. Bingenheimer and Hannah O. Bingenheimer $168,000

342 Hollow Cove Road from Mungo Homes Inc. to William H. Covey Sr. and Jean L. Covey $274,332

1801 Johnson Marina Road from Douglas Pate Burrow and Christy Watkins Burrow to Catherine M. Davis and John B. Davis $389,500

278 Hilton Village Drive from Michael S. Padjen and Bobbie J. Padjen to James M. Newton and Jennifer M. Newton $296,000

633 Autumn Ridge Road from Philip J. Sullivan Sr. and Anna C. Sullivan to Bryan Chinella and Reegan Chinella $310,000

613 Calypso Court from Mungo Homes Inc. to Kevin D. Rolin and Megan A. Farmer $180,346


206 Peach Grove Circle from Dorothy D. Greene and Dennis W. Lewis to Madie J. Evans and Ronald H. Evans $230,000

418 Windrush Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to Arlene Roberson and DeMont Alexander Roberson $277,343

437 Stillwater Lane from Mungo Homes Inc. to Robert Fitzgerald Johnson and Amber N. Johnson $237,570

1372 Green Turf Lane from Kristy Hixon to Tecola Belton $180,000

3 Tamwood Court from April L. Day n/k/a April Day Silva to William Cody Boone $124,000


401 Hunting Creek Road from Francis E. Wilkes Jr. and Ann F. Wilkes to Odell Simpson $260,000

116 Alexander Pointe Drive from Stewart Family Trust to Angela Renee Cooper $139,900


2721 Kennerly Road from Henry Mathias Duvall to RTMS Properties LLC $110,000

608 Riverwalk Way from Sharon Taylor and Robert Taylor to Autumn Rene Lang and Chandler Ray Kauffman $160,000

120 Kenwood Court from David P. Sykes and Norma Jennifer Sykes to Jonathan M. Douglas and Celestine M. Douglas $382,000

109 Ivy Garden Lane from Ruff Family Trust to Kenneth A. Hubbard Sr. and Carol A. Hubbard $135,000

543 Crawfish Lane from David Coulter Wilson and Constance Napoli Wilson to Linda R. Cranford and Sarah Ruff $255,000

101 Minehead Road from Sunbelt Rental Investments II LLC to William Gates Harbe II $105,000

308 Trinity Three Road from Latasha R. Legette n/k/a Latasha R. Rowe to Willie L. Greeley and Suzette Meggett $135,000

151 Cabin Drive from Penny L. Armstrong and David F. Armstrong to Arden H. Scollon and Richard Brian Scollon Jr. $207,000

406 S. Royal Tower Drive from Travis S. Nelson to Kayle A. Wielkie $122,000

4 Sparwood Court from Noreen Giovinzaai to Roderick Eugene Eichelberger $149,900

6 Swainson Court from Rory Christopher Moon and Carol Joy Moon to Molly Cogdill $220,000

75 Millers Branch Court from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Nancy Amanda Ross $316,588

108 Bithynia Circle from Betty J. Holbrooks to Alan C. Taylor and Alison C. Taylor $400,000

201 Heathwood Circle from Frank E. Marshall and Tamara L. Marshall to David Ryan Morris and Renee W. Morris $233,000

313 Dutch Drive from Hayley C. Lawson and Joan C. Crowe to Federico Moratorio and Megan Moratorio $120,000


908 Florence St. from Gregory Duckworth and Christine M. Duckworth to Susan C. Bon $175,000

1019 Darlington St. from Gerald Earl Hotchkiss to Brian J. Gaines $312,000

356 Canal Place Drive from Alison Ruth Mays to William Fudger $179,250

1324 Pulaski St., A112 from Paul B. Springett to Creekwood-Russell Pkwy LLC $250,000

900 S. Stadium Road, Unit S401 from Mark Rezac and Kathleen Rezac to Walter M. Safrit II and Lynn Scott Safrit $142,000

2315 Park St. from Jeffrey R. Turnbull and Laura A. Turnbull to Kenneth Dale Wagster and Linda H. Wagster $485,000


6 N. Silas Brook Court from Datus LLC to Danielle S. Foxworth $113,000

9 Chasewood Court from David Grageda to Latisha S. Jones $130,000

6040 Monticello Road from Mustafa Noor, Noor Khan and Cynthia Rogers to Monticello Road 3 LLC $189,000


2822 Sheffield Road from Annsley J. Schwartz a/k/a Annsley S. Jordan to Allan Charles Haynes and Shawn Hicks Haynes $336,000

1827 York Drive from Ely F. Smith and Emilee Jevannah Smith to Rachel L. Austin $196,000

3000 Exmoor Road from Sandra M. Avinger to Jessica R. Seal and Cameron W. Rainey $164,000

2532 Washington St. from Housing Authority of the City of Columbia SC a/k/a Housing Authority of the City of Columbia, South Carolina to Bailey R. Chumney $115,020

2508 Rigby Drive from Margaret M. Holland a/k/a Margaret McGrath Holland and Morgan B. Holland a/k/a Morgan Brady Holland to Annsley S. Jordan $134,000

1618 Cherry Laurel Drive from Joshua N. Hill to Robert Douglass Clyburn $155,000

3412 Fox Hall Road from Michael Norris, Sherry Norris and Michael Ron Norris II to Casey C. Moore, Walter S. West and Sasha L. Wilson $185,000

2849 Stratford Road from Fredric Woriax and Melissa Woriax to Peyton Durham Bryant and Lyndey Ritz Zwing Bryant $645,000


1114 Princeton St. from Michael Virzi to Amy L. Watson $230,000

2503 Monroe St. from Amy L. Watson to Satish Jayachandban and Saiba Srinivasan $346,000

1633 S. Beltline Blvd. from Joy Nellie Fain Copley to SFR3 LLC $116,000

1026 Suber St. from Athena Group LTD to SFR3 LLC $105,000

606 S. Ott Road from Griffeth A. Madden to Brooks Andrew Miley and Theresa B. Miley $209,000


4419 Ivy Hall Road from Irene R. Fields to James E. Kirk and Barbara Kirk $325,000

4326 Kilbourne Road from Kristian E. Evans to Hannah Elizabeth Goudelock $179,900

1601 Atascadero Drive from Robert Douglas Clyburn to Carla Vernon Kea $120,000

4106 Macgegor Drive from Kevin A. Hall to Yolanda C. Courie $412,500

4514 Arcadia Road from Act Capital LLC to Patrick S. Roof and Marguerite G. Roof $325,000

4529 Nandina Drive from E. Myron Barwick and Lucy M. Barwick to Joshua Woods Livingston and Polly Rankin Livingston $538,500


7315 Venus Road from Nora James Coutee and Linda J. Coutee to SFR3, LLC $100,000

531 Veterans Road from Carol D. Harbin and Cynthia H. Cothran to Kirkland H. Jordan $140,650

36 Silverleaf Court from William R. Edwards and Patricia L. Edwards to James Sisson $158,000

7924 Folly Lane from George F. Griffith and Winifred H. Griffith to Ina F. Redemann $126,000

8 Southbury Lane from William H. Bouchard Trust to Carol D. Harbin $160,000

1433 Sandra Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to Devesha Mayes $154,656

849 Forest Park Road from Willis Brenton Brazell to Lydia P. Wingard $129,900

809 Knollwood Drive from Nicholas P. Collins to Justin Ray Moore $162,000

7114-7116 Patterson Road from Path to Freedom LLC to John Zachary Dellinger and Hsin-I Huang $108,500


1100 Bluff Road, Unit 109 from Robert N. Shealy and Sandra S. Shealy to 409 Watermarke LLC $235,000

813 Chablis Drive from Kevin Bennett to Cathi Cooper $132,500

314 Brookgreen Drive from Papanoo LLC to Maurie Bethel and Shane J. Bethel $142,000


125 Beaver Dam Road from Milagros Valentin to Wenbin Tan and Elaine G. Taine $487,500

3027 Kings Way from David J. Westeren and Slobhan O. Westeren to Tyler A. Perkins and Nichole Perkins $162,000

413 Sheridan Drive from Michael T. Szymanski and Tammy A. Szymanski to Sandy M. Price and Joseph M. Price $110,000

300 Shallow Brook Drive from Daniel J. Putnam and Judith L. Putnam to Ruby Fielding $335,000

148 Belleford Ridge Road from Jason Hokaj and Dawn Hokaj to David Wells Jr. and Mae E. Wells $420,000

305 Dove Park Road from Michelle L. Scott to Ana Yensi Perez $139,000

9 Tiftgreen Circle from Leslie Romelfanger to Gary W. Coggins and Patti C. Coggins $365,000

5838 Spring Court from Larry Eleazer Trust and Barbara Eleazer Family Trust to SFR3 LLC $139,000

128 Whixley Lane from Ron L. Doiron and Wendy Doiron to Lavarr Russell and Trenace Washington $135,000

112 Shallow Brook Drive from Angela Mergelos and Judy Mergelos to Huynh Duc Nguyen and Kim Nguyen $384,900

139 Gate Post Lane from MRL Rentals LLC to Anand Rao Kadari $112,000

416 Shallow Brook from William R. Hollingsworth to Nicholas E. Vigneur and Erica D. Vigneur $299,999


39 Dovecreek from Mary Skinner Jones to Chineta R. Hill $129,000

554 Buckhaven Way from Tiffany Ayesha Lowe to Conrex Master LLC $149,000

418 Wagner Trail from Elizabeth A. Troub to Ruth Martin Ausband $184,500

303 Loggerhead Drive from Francis G. Carron and Cynthia S. Carron to Henry B. White Jr. and Sahara White $175,000

146 Box Turtle Court from Marvin M. Slade and Tammy R. Slade to Paige Doyle $160,000

136 Harborside Circle from MM2 LLC to Lauren M. McCrarey and Kevin L. McCrarey $273,000

1525 Legion Drive from Canmore Investment Group LLC to Marie Singleton and Cassandra Sanchez $200,000

27 Cleyera Court from Henry Donelle Baxter and Wanda S. Baxter to Takenya C. Atkins $189,900

291 Long Pointe Lane from Jack S. DeMao and Theresa A. DeMao to Anthony Banks $134,000

3 White Wing Court from Walter Brice Hedgecock to Michael Lee Johnson II $137,000

310 Bassett Loop from Judy L. Murphy to Jessica S. Richard and Victoria V. Neumon $142,000

125 Stamhope Court from Lashonda Johnson a/k/a Lashonda D. Johnson to Latonya M. Carr $110,000

204 Ivy Square Drive from Anna M. Doran to Richmond C. Taylor Sr. $112,000

500 Wilkinson Lane from Tysheonna T. Porcher to Clement S. Gogoa and Blia Patricia Olilo $149,500

8 Helrose Court from John T. Lutz and Mary Kay Lutz to Sedred Montreze Buck and Tashe Jeane Chatman $170,000

317 Sugar Mill Road from Carson Nicholas Meehan to Nicholas J. Meehan $140,000

179 Piedmont Ridge from John A. Fonville and Etsuko Fonville to Sonya T. Lakin and Moses B. Lakin $249,900

809 Winsham Drive from Jason Earl Davis and Susanna Davis to John Sugg and Patti Sugg $333,000

325 Ash Tree Road from James Bush to Calvin D. Jackson $215,000

Lexington County


228 Line St. from Linda Deloach to Bobby T. Ryan and Erin Ryan $197,900

105 Cellar Lane from James R. Mitchell Jr. and Nadine L. Mitchell to Christon D. Rice $144,000


824 Karlaney Avenue from Adam Joseph Kays to David Woodbury $183,000

800 Naples Avenue from Scott B. Sturkie to Bryan P. McAvoy $176,500


Emerald Shore Road, Lots 24, 25 and 27 from Bette J. Carlsen to M. Alan Peace $133,000

402 Nautical Court from Charlie P. Farley Jr. and Linda J. Farley to Yamil Malave and Claudia Malave $650,000

316 Fairway Pond Court from Ronald H. Evans and Madie J. Evans to Vicki Lynn McBride $267,500

260 Walkridge Way from Leann Coghlan to Joshua L. Fink and Annalisa G. Fink $169,000

329 Dutchman Shores Circle from Celeste Wood to Hanna Lei Garo and Jacob W. Atterson $200,000

929 Bear Point from Red Cabin Homes LLC to Elliott Shaw Hart $515,000

107 Milmont Shores Road from Carl Resnick to Brandi D. Floyd and Terry J. Francis $172,000

170 Whispering Oak Lane from Philip D. Melton and Erin N. Melton to SFR JV-1 Property LLC $158,000

113 Old Laurel Lane from A. Charles Craft III and Manita B. Craft to Chad H. Boozer and Katie H. Boozer $433,100


116 Eagle Ridge Road from John E. Leeman and Geneva T. Leeman to Hunter A. Bennett $104,000


1936 Amick Drive from Edgar R. Richardson and Linda N. Richardson Joint Trust to Robert M. Bennett and Wanda H. Bennett $880,000

417 Dot Court from Clifford P. Fisher IV to Kevin Charles Poley and Jean Ann Poley $435,000

735 Windy Road from Michelle M. Kohler to Brenton A. Baty and Kaylie M. Cheplick $130,000

368 Kimberton Drive from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Kenneth Lerue Jordan III and Page Ligon Jordan $398,470

137 Front St. from estate of Paul Walter Tierney to Victoria Parson and Zachary Q. Parson $169,000

2334 Shulls Fork Road from Ronald E. Williams and Debra K. Williams to David Joseph Banks and Susan Jane Banks $460,000


105 Castle Vale Road from Jessica E. Cornish to Conrex Master LLC $114,500

230 Whitby Road from Beverly St. George to Amelia Edith Head $125,000

220 Bonuck Road from Irmo Properties, LLC to Katherine Terrell Waidner $232,100


149 Harbour Watch Boulevard from Miriam C. Fultz to Jay M. Jones and Sandra E. Jones $365,000

324 Frank Shealy Road from Thomas D. Simmons II, Barbara W. Jones f/k/a Barbara W. Blair and Samantha R. Frizzell to Charles Toney and Margaret Toney $350,000


109 Pheasant Glen Court from Michael M. Renner to Kenneth James Heller and Jennifer Lynn Heller $355,000

330 Farmhouse Loop from Harry W. Davis III to Carron Jett $157,000

136 Wigmore Lane from Ryan J. Wilkinson to Christopher M. Thiel and Mary Elizabeth Thiel $144,900

140 Montrose Drive from Joe M. Ozbolt and Carolyn J. Ozbolt to Kevin Kull and Stormy Kull $260,000

247 Clearbrook Circle from NVR Inc. to Elizabeth Rhoad $241,748

459 Sterling Road from Nathan G. Knorr and Sarah E. Knorr to James Brett Cooke $199,800

226 Clearbrook Circle from Fortress Homes, LLC to Eriberto Macias-Reyes and Mariel Garcia Fuentes $238,355

43 Boardwalk Lane from Harold J. Hunt and Barbara V. Hunt to Vickie L. Williams-Cannelongo $126,000

129 Longingly Lane from Mungo Homes Inc. to Gary Joseph Lane Jr. and Janei Emarie Lane $293,182

336 Turners Court from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Carl W. Costenbader Jr. and Kathleen Costenbader $500,000

138 Huntington Circle from Dallas A. Gardner III to Lonita L. Gasperson $112,000

213 Morning Dew Drive from D.R. Horton-Crown LLC to Aaron Dellorco and Michelle Dellorco $319,975

4 Boardwalk Lane from Joseph J. Sloan Jr. Living Trust and Teresa I. Sloan Living Trust to Timothy W. Stewart, Tara H. Stewart and Alexis Stewart $120,000

6 Low Hill Lane from Rachel P. Rutledge and Ronald J. Rutledge to Joshua C. Fulwood and Megan O. Fulwood $158,000

213 Blacksmith Road from M. Brockington Allen to Timothy M. Keese $177,000

100 Lunsford Lane from Stacy Sheppard to Arnold J. Schultz and Connie L. Schultz Declaration of Trust $157,500

208 Morning Dew Drive from D.R. Horton-Crown LLC to Travis T. Armstrong and Angelica Armstrong $333,000

140 Grafton Lane from Timothy M. Keese and Janolyn Wheeler to Ruth E. Poland $137,200

166 Hunters Ridge Drive from Anna Frierson f/k/a Anna D. Biggers and Robert J. Frierson to Joseph F. Buschur and Danielle K. Buschur $193,000

16 Longshadow Circle from Travis B. Arbaugh to Adam Ryan Beale $129,900

181 Madison Park Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to Ronald K. Mulligan and Joeli A. Mulligan $330,256

635 Brandon Court from Gene F. Young and Modenna B. Young to Danny L. Willoughby and Carol S. Willoughby $345,000

5222 Sunset Boulevard from Lexington Square LLC to Lexington at Hope Ferry LLC $26,798,240

257 Greenview Court from J. Brian Pearson a/k/a Jack Brian Pearson to Lane R. Small $200,000

210 Flutter Drive from Casey L. Gilbert to Linda L. Young $185,000

315 Merus Drive from Alexander D. Black to Dalton Cole Sturkie and Taylor Danielle Sturkie $190,000

353 Saddlebrooke Road from Brad M. Tuttle and Elaine H. Tuttle to Jeffrey A. Langston and Shalane T. Langston $157,000

5537 Sunset Boulevard from Mary Ann Gibson Revocable Trust to 5537 Sunset Boulevard LLC $650,000

355 Caroline Hill Road from Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust to Lindsay S. Miller $154,900

129 Honey Hill Court from Jeff Webster and Morhan Webster to Maria J. Sabillon Andonie and Gianni Gonzalez Ochoa $131,500

8 Low Hill Lane from SRJ Homes, LLC to Gregory A. Camp and Linda B. Camp $170,000

136 Alston Circle from Edwin A. Wegleitner and Tracy L. Wegleitner to Julio Urresta and Carolina Montoya $460,000

305 Cobbleview Drive from Patricia L. Chapman-Jennings and Estate of Norma Jean Futch Baker to Durward Rodger Givens III and Lauren Emily Cruse Givens $165,500

813 Beechleaf Court from Ronald H. Evans and Madie J. Evans to Aaron Soto and Raven Soto $290,580

109 Rosewood Court from Robert E. Spires Jr. to Jared C. Poole and Carly J. Poole $132,000

334 Nehemiah Road from McGuinn Homes LLC to Mehulkumar C. Patel and Gayatriben S. Patal $184,010

219 Cherokee Shores Drive from Jaime Hair to Alan David Silver and Angela Michelle Silver $140,500

105 Jillian Place from James Braun and Kimberley E. Perry to Michael Stuart and Hannah Stuart $347,000

131 Breezes Drive, Unit A from Linda K. Sease to Ronald C. Proper and Nancy L. Proper $175,000

125 Cherokee Pond Court from Louis Bradley Epps and Recia L. Epps to Jacob Benchoff and Nicole Benchoff $241,500

318 Coldwater Crossing from Lifestone Residential LLC to Wilbur H. Taylor and Tracy L. Taylor $353,731

512 Tailwater Bend from Lifestone Residential LLC to Ryan Hall and Cari Hall $471,553

426 Greenetree Lane from Jordan Hamilton Fink and Maegan Elizabeth Dean n/k/a Maegan Dean Fink to Samuel Berry Hudson and Rachel Hudson $315,000

309 Oakpointe Lane from Timothy W. Hoffman to Jeffrey R. Mondro $125,900


428 Adirondack Way from Mark R. O’Bryon and Kelly J. O’Bryon to Michael David Harris and Nancy A. Harris $231,000

102 Flinchum Place from Gregory S. Nagle and Jennifer L. Nagle to Derrick Brown and Stephanie Brown $162,000

922 Roper Mountain Court from D.R. Horton-Crown, LLC to Zahidul Wahab and Marzan Wahab $418,401

413 Ridgehill Drive from Selma Helena Santos Dacosta to Kimberly E. Felder $149,900

249 Southbrook Drive from William Anthony Klein to Prakashkvmar S. Patel and Varshaben P. Patel $199,000

196 Tylers Trail from Cathi E. Cooper to Jennifer J. Conlon $122,500

133 Chethan Circle from Kelly L. Brown to Jason R. Smith and Jennifer Nicole Lowery $177,000

414 Melodybrook Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Brenda B. Paul and Ruel R. Paul $204,818

617 Ladybug Lane from JJ&Z Builders, LLC to Christopher G. Bossett and Marcy L. Gossett $260,000

1304 Boiling Springs Road from Jared R.D. Collins and Emily H. Collins to Tarah Sanders $132,500

443 Heartwood Drive from Amanda W. Crumpton f/k/a Amanda C. Whitehead to Amber Russell $135,000

217 River Bridge Lane from D.R. Horton-Crown, LLC to Binalkumari J. Patel $342,120

244 Windy Hollow Drive from Alan Grey and Tammy Grey to Brandon O. Standish and Meghan Standish $157,900

304 Knotts Circle from David R. Moore and Ginger W. Moore to David R. Kinsella $163,000

716 Sequoia Drive from NVR, Inc. to Grant Waller $151,490

332 Louisa Lane from Christopher R. Mele to Jose A. Garcia $124,900

233 Whooping Crane Way from Jerry J. Pulsifer and Lori J. Pulsifer to Jeffrey O. Danna and Roza M. Kryzhanovska $352,500

125 Tennis View Court from Heather B. Williamson and Michael T. Williamson to John C. Torri $115,000

509 Timbermill Drive from David Queen and Mary Queen to Russell L. Moore $154,000

201 Bridleridge Road from Jason D. Green and Erin A. Green to Hayley Thomas $165,000

171 Mariscat Place from Kimberly D. Gunter n/k/a Kimberly D. Chavis to Bryan Taylor Easler and Debernadis Beatrice Cartagena $150,000

2872 Calks Ferry Road from KLS Columbia, LLC to Corey Brabbam Cochcroft and Kayla Michele Cothran $139,500

1521 Robert Hendrix Road from James Edward Burke, Jr. to Clinton M. McCord and Danielle E. McCord $252,500

500 Riglaw Circle from Joshua C. Fulwood to Alicia Marie Parker and Ryan Christopher Parker $147,500

261 Kyzer Road from Shelby J. Purdy and Cathy Ann Purdy to Marianne Y. Horn and Jamie D. Porth, Jr. $165,000

504 Bald Cypress Road from Nicolas Yvans Joseph and Deborah-Ann Alicia Joseph to Hariot Singh Banwait $249,000

136 Habra Court from Martin O’Neal Laird to Jarret W. Todd and Mary Todd $900,000

225 Cedar Vale Drive from Kelly J. Stubblefield to Sally W. Sharpe $121,000


154 Sandy Ridge Road from Jeremy J. Wilder to James Harold Walker and Amanda M. Drennon $143,099

177 Graceland Court from Evan P. Barone to Eric Alan Kerr $151,000


182 Whiteside Circle from VVW Development, Ltd., Co. to Michelle L. Felker $125,000

44 Hickory Hollow Court from Wombat Properties, LLC to Lisa A. Boyer $215,000

2225 Raven Trail from Marshall Bradley Elkins to Darrell Bentley Harris and D B Harris Services, LLC $132,364

121 Ashley Court from Leigh Ann Sweeny to Zachary Daniel McClendon and Rachel Marie Balzer $117,000

503 Jadetree Court from Dorothy A. Truell and Michael A. Truell to Kathryn Branham $137,500

405 Heatherwood Circle from Emile Christiane Payne to Flora R. Floyd $135,000


244 Stonewood Court from Martin E. Knight and Karen Angela Knight to Elizabeth Phillips Culler $118,500

128 Baywater Drive from Estate of Freida Byrd Mine to Stephen Knorr $216,900

127 Arthurdale Drive from EE Residential Properties, LLC to Randal Scott Franklin and Sheena McLemore Franklin $157,000

420 Congaree Ridge Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Paula M. Blair and Michael A. Blair $339,718

208 Dove Nest Court from Andrew V.B. Grizzell to Wendy Chada Davis $125,000

205 Heatherfield Court from Karen D. Weed to William R. Edwards and Patricia L. Edwards $160,000

413 Matilda Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Thomas E. Maddux and Carolyn L. Maddux $155,000

2509 Divinci Road from VVW Development, Ltd., Co. to Robert Edwards Yancey $200,000

549 Matilda Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Matthew E. Massengill and Katherine A. Massengill $173,709

386 Ashburton Lane from Clinton M. McCord and Danielle E. McCord to Richard Patrick Reyes and Taylor Fricke Reyes $217,000

326 Ashburton Lane from Bradley S. Bailey to Sheronda C. Dean $189,000


2923 Fish Hatchery Road from Estate of Sadie M. Lucas to TTCPN, LLC $142,500

104 Cloudburst Court from Guy C. Corbett, Jr. and Amy S. Corbett to Edward Shepherd and Jasmine Tyler $189,999


250 Berryhill Road, 100, 121 and 220 Executive Center Drive from LSREF2 Newton, LLC to BV DRP Synergy Owner, LLC $24,250,000

524 Old Friars Road from Michael S. Atkinson and Jennifer M. Atkinson to Hazel Walker and Franklin Walker $245,000

729 Tara Trail from Cynthia P. Carroll n/k/a Cynthia P. Smeltzer to Alfreda Gail Bryant $152,500

880 Gardendale Drive from Fred E. Bazemore to Fiona Laquita Moore $150,000

430 Hempsted Road from Alwyn Phillips and Goramae Phillips to County of Lexington $143,000


1011 Woodleaf Court from Craig W. Smalley and Susan M. Smalley to Dennison David Bean and Ruth Ann Bean $222,000

204 Tartan Road from Eunice H. White to Brandan Charles Rhoads and CaraLea Brianna Rhoads $123,000

1280 Berl Mar Road from Mary K. Steele and Jack Edwin Steele, III to Robert L. Hankins and Dana Hankins $155,000

102 Woodwinds Court from Paula Wright to Shirley Frazier $137,000

318 Crockett Road from John Paul Bittinger and Kathryn Hicken Bittinger to William Scott O’Brian $275,000

6004 Ellisor St. from Tangierina Cena to Noah C. Chavarria and Alison C. Berry $129,000

309 Berlandier Lane from Fortress Homes, LLC to Barry Bernstein $300,900

136 Walnut Lane from Regina Beth Rouse and Carl Bradford Rouse a/k/a Brad Rouse to Rico R. Reed and Barbara M. Reed $213,500

336 Brentland Court from TMW Holding, LLC to Victor Elias Castillo and Michaela Louise Castillo $205,000

328 Brentland Court from Ryan Sondergvan and Emily Sondervan to Michael Dorian Lawhead, Jr. $209,000

244 Stirlington Road from J.J. Properties For Sale, LLC to Jeffrey C. Yelverton, Jr. and Valerie Yelverton $117,000

838 Shore View Drive from Michael L. Ervin and Tracy Lynn Ervin to Rolando M. Santiago and Susan G. Santiago $640,000

Kershaw County


108 Cool Springs Drive from Estate of Phyllis C. Saunders, Richard Godfrey and Paula Godfrey to Richard Godfrey and Paula Godfrey $235,000

46 Merry Way from Tammy L. Looper and Leonard Doyle Lucas to Elizabeth Coke Lawson $330,000

239 Precipice Road from Aklverez Smith to Dustin T. Hough and Lauren Wood $136,000

2683 Harbor View Road from Eugene K. Weston, Jr. to David B. Petway and Erica H. Petway $250,000

2683 Harbor View Road from David B. Petway and Erica H. Petway to Richard Hood $342,500


1465 Ponderosa Drive from Kenneth Poole and Jennifer Poole to Timothy J. Soesman and Yasmin Lopez $333,000

1645 Etters Lane from Bruce Gunther and Mary Lynch to Nicholas Charney and Jessica Charney $390,000


37 Trenton Drive from Josh Holden and Leah Holden to James Michael Bigler-Damian $180,000

2483 Bowen St. from Gary B. Brower and Teresa W. Brower to Robert J. Andrews and Kelly J. Andrews $199,000

1589 Pine Valley Road from Laura’s of Elgin, LLC to Lisa M. Konesni and Druw M. McDaniels $132,500

42 Elmwood Boulevard from Cynthia D. Peake to Hunter L. Brazell and Kayla D. Brazell $136,000

997 Wildwood Lane from Dean E. Glover and Cynthia M. Glover to Remsy K. Munib $185,700

1820 Wildwood Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Jeremy E. Stillson and Candy T. Stillson $256,657

61 Kimpton Drive from Kelly N. Bryant to King Davis and Shatana Davis $142,000

6 Strawberry Field Lane from Rodney J. Blackwell to Jessica J. Gill $179,900

1807 Brett Lane from Jason Wendell Derr and Stephanie R. Derr to Christopher S. Cain and Tiffany Hutto $123,500

152 Kelsney Ridge Road from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Douglas E. Swager and Jeanne E. Swager $371,256


210 Millstone Road from Jerry Wayne Poston and Teresa H. Poston to Edward E. Bittinger $144,000


138 Laurel Crossing Drive from Andrew K. Wodarczyk and Donna I. Wodarczyk to Angelena K. McFadden and Carlos McFadden $255,000

1295 Old Field Road from Tina Cruz a/k/a Tina M. Cruz to Adam Jennings Truesdale $193,000

888 Guion Drive from Estate of Dallas Rabon, Sr. to Donald E. Branham, Jr. $193,000

22 Reisling Court from Haley H. LaMarche and Matthew R. LaMarche to SFR3, LLC $134,000

12 Hurdle Court from Jarrett L. Greenway and Stephanie B. Greenway to Kim Chi Wong $229,900

62 Middleton Drive from William E. Hinson and Holly C. Hinson to Linda G. Stogner Revocable Trust $315,000


2102 Lake Road from Linda G. Stogner Revocable Trust to Leland Neal Leonhardt and Kimberly R. Leonhardt $545,000