A new business is coming to Rosewood, and it’s geared to female USC students

A new automatic car wash is coming to Rosewood, and it’s geared to women.

The Rosewood Express Car Wash is being built on a former vacant lot at 1350 Rosewood Drive across from the University of South Carolina track and field facility. The lot is notable because of the huge retaining wall that was built to level the property.

Owner George Renard said the car wash is something different in the Midlands market. It is designed to be inviting to young female customers — especially University of South Carolina students — who don’t want to use a self-service car wash or pony up the bucks for a full service car wash or detail shop.

“USC female students will be the base of my business,” said Renard, who hopes to have the car wash up and scrubbing by the end of July. “I hope to get all the bugs worked out before the kids come back.”

The car wash will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without staffing. It will be fully automatic with both touch-free and soft touch functions, according to the North Carolina-based Autec company that markets it.

It looks like a giant glass box, well lit, with both neon and fluorescent lights that are intended to make customers using it feel safe.

“They designed it for female traffic,” Renard said. “It’s very well lit and they can see outside for any safety concerns.”

Each wash will take three to four minutes, he said, with four different levels priced from $6 to $12. He also plans to eventually have a unlimited car wash program.

“It will have all the bells and whistles,” said Renard, who also owns the self-service Rosewood Car Wash just down the street at 1425 Rosewood Drive and the Edenwood Car Wash in Cayce. “We’ll try to provide a little bit of fun while you get your car washed.”

As for that huge retaining wall?

“They just kept bringing more loads” of concrete blocks, Renard said. “It turned out to be pretty substantial,”

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