Home builder purchases large tract on Clemson Road at I-20

Home builder Mungo Homes has purchased a large tract of land on Clemson Road at Interstate 20.

Records show that the Mungo firm purchased the property at 300 Clemson Road from Lee Lorick Prina Trust for $2,124,600.

The tract is bordered by I-20, Clemson Road, Pontiac Business Center and Peach Grove Villas. It is listed by the Richland County Assessor’s office at 220.30 acres.

Vice president Matt Mungo said the purchase was for about half of the tract and the other half will be purchased later.

Here are the rest of the transfers for the week:

Top Five Richland County

300 Clemson Road 29229 from Lee Lorick Prina Trust to Mungo Homes Properties, LLC $2,124,600

29.80 acres on Broad River Road 29036 from Rebecca A. Cantor and Gordon M. Cantor to Crossroads Convenience, LLC $850,000

1624 Main St. 29201 from Enterprise Bank of South Carolina to GSM of North Main, LLC $680,000

1220 Ellett Road 29036 from Daniel W. Hancock and Bonnie B. Hancock to Lynches Trust $565,000

1311 Greenhill Road and adjacent lot 29206 from Caroline H. Kohn to 209 Dawson, LLC $550,000

Top Five Lexington County

521 Columbia Avenue 29072 from Cross Development CC Lexington, LLC to ParBee, LLC $3,480,709

3906 Charleston Highway 29172 from TCH Properties, LLC to ACG Silver Lake, LLC $1,980,000

917 S. Lake 29072 from M&S Holdings, Inc. to Quicktrip Corporation $1,000,000

5084 Sunset Boulevard 29072 from Robert E. Wilder, Jr. to 5084 Sunset, LLC $925,000

511 Sunny Cove Court 29072 from JR Lex2, LLC to Pam E. Murphy $760,000

Top Three Kershaw County

201 E. Dekalb St. 29020 from NLP-I, LLC to Charles W. Rhoden, Jr. Revocable Trust $1,075,000

521 Highway 601 S. 29078 from Circle K Stores, Inc. to Lehigh Wholesale Gas Services, Inc. $954,622

761 Kirkland Circle 29045 from Sandra B. Smith and Estate of Edward L. Smith, Jr. a/k/a Ed L. Smith, Jr. a/k/a Edward Louis Smith, Jr. to RamizAbbRaham Ltd. Company $340,000

Richland County


214 Columbia Club Drive E. from Philip R. Butler and Marjorie D. Butler to Douglas W. Bridges, Sr. and Christine M. Bridges $425,000

103 Club Colony Circle from Charles G. Klaus, III and Christina M. Klaus to Tyrie Giden and Darlene Giden $384,000

455 Pine Knot Road from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Kellie A. Robbins and Douglas L. Robbins $352,269

195 View Drive from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Konstantina Safiri Syrigos and Charalambos Ioannis Syrigos $238,000

125 Long Cove Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to William J. Nels and Kasha J. Nels $319,900

3029 Gedney Circle from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Lucas Hargrove and Louis Hargrove $196,165

6 Richmond Lane from Arch G. Martin, III and Catherine A. Martin to Jeanetta Walker Scott and Otis Scott, Jr. $415,000

3119 Gedney Circle from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Benjamin Arrowood and Ashley Lawrence $227,878

453 Fairford Road from Fortress Homes, LLC to Sherell Phylicia Jones $211,920

7 Dawson Pond Court from Doris T. Reynolds to John Dexter Bassard $151,500

221 Hawkins Creek Road from Juan J. Vera Rodriguez to William J. Stec, II and Jennifer E. Stec $199,000


425 Lanyard Lane from Torsten Bryan Hallman to David E. Hicks and Adrienne M. Hicks $169,900

239 Matisse Trail from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Tommie Will Shirley and Betty C. Shirley $297,780

616 Sea Doo Drive from Jonathan S. Mayhak and Melissa M. Mayhak to Kyle C. Youngblood and Ashlynne Youngblood $175,000

29.80 acres on Broad River Road from Rebecca A. Cantor and Gordon M. Cantor to Crossroads Convenience, LLC $850,000

813 Boatswain Loop from Cape Summersail Development, LLC to Caroline Reeves $330,000

1220 Ellett Road from Daniel W. Hancock and Bonnie B. Hancock to Lynches Trust $565,000


15 Attucks Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Avalon J. Williams $176,351

641 Park Place Drive from Michelle Nations Crenshaw to Mary Ann T. Kreush and Cynthia M. Fochesato $194,500

1235 Beechfern Circle from NVR, Inc. to Michael Joy and Haley Joy $296,620

17 Spears Court from Laurie A. Dave to Shadannia Coachman $142,500

308 Deer Crossing Road from Keystone RES, LLC to Frank Deltony Veal and Leslie Ann Veal $448,500

24 Attucks Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Adrienne J. DelGrosso and Anthony DelGrosso, Jr. $179,900


1717 Weston Road from Michael Stanford and Nicole Josephine Stanford to Tia Latice Smith and Oscar Darnell Smith, Jr. $198,000


9 Short Pine Court from Joshua T. Robinson and Carie H. Robinson f/k/a Carie H. Spires to Susan M. Krueger $174,000

1100 Old Brickyard from Robert S. Duvall and Phyllis M. Duvall to Curtis R. Hutchinson, Jr. and Lisa C. Hutchinson $135,000

3 Turtle Cove Lane from Stephanie Johnston Thomas and John Allen Thomas to Tyler James Barton and Elizabeth Hancock Barton $130,000

256 Glen Arbor Loop from Michael Lewis Busby to Richard Scott Smith and Jennifer Elaine Clem $187,000

428 Gallatin Circle from TYJ, LLC to Mark A. Hamblin and Christyn Hamblin $173,500

1006 Old Brickyard Road from David L. Tompkins and Pamelia J. Tompkins to Richard Snodgrass and Sarah Snodgrass $405,000

101 Shawn Bay Road from Shawn Bay, LLC to Austin H. Caudill $131,000

101 Freestone Drive from Estate of Sandra Lee Kelley a/k/a Sandra Lee Saurer to Lillian Conte $145,000

31 Someton Court from Christopher Bryan Kirkman to Cody Fletcher and Chynna Fletcher $130,500

417 Hopestone Crossing from Anthony F. Perricelli and Lori A. Perricelli to Paul J. Mullen and Maria Mullen $273,000


1057 Lancaster St. from Jillian Jarosinski and Robert Schiller to MVS Chandrashekhar $195,000

1624 Main St. from Enterprise Bank of South Carolina to GSM of North Main, LLC $680,000

2822 Lincoln St. from Larry D. Rickborn and Sharon M. Rickborn to Lovette Investment Properties, LLC $137,500

601 Main St., Units 427 and S10 from Hasan Mohsin Al-Raisi to Robert E. Baxley $242,000

1314 Rosewood Drive from Charles J. Prezioso, Jr. to Realty Haven, LLC $500,000


429 Dukes Hill Road from Timothy Allan Connor to Lucille Ward and Willie L. Robinson $143,400

117 Glenshire Drive from Steve K. Walker, Beverly L. Walker a/k/a Beverly W. Taylor, Stanley A. Walker and Rubin A. Walker to Kimberly L. Walker $120,000

23 Summerlea Lane from Daniel Keys to Daniel Nuttall, II $152,500

1208 Hyatt Avenue from JMCDLC, LLC to Felicia Ferguson and Troy Sumpter $139,000


2804 Sheffield Road from John J. Marigliano and Rebecca C. Marigliano to Susan Erin Killen and William Killen $350,000

3034 Lindenwood Drive from Inna Rukavishnikova to Dianna F. Rose and Ellie Marie Rose $132,000

1509 Forest Trace Drive from Jennifer Lynn Taylor to Elizabeth Harrington $150,000

2535 Putnam St. from Lewi Marrus to Preston Soles Dixon $155,000

2830 Spann St. from Kay F. McFarland and Dee E. McFarland to Andrea Sancho-Baker and Joseph Baker $261,000


5 Leconte Court from James W. Ryder and Maritza M. Ryder to Steven Keith Yoho and Jan Marie Yoho $352,000

3608 Wheat St. from Philip S. Johnson and R. Michael Johnson to Ray Leon Williamson $350,000

2833 Superior St. from Amy L. Shumaker to Alex McPherson and Adrianne McPherson $147,500


3742 Northshore Road from Joseph F. Herbkersman and Gayle D. Herbkersman to Matthew Macklin White and Margaret Kimbrell White $520,000

5911 Pine Valley Road from Janet Metz a/k/a Janet Elizabeth Metz to Samuel A. Osterholt and Shana L. Osterholt $142,000

6536 Buckfield Drive from Cary Van Presson and Kelsey Christian Presson to Parker J. Herrington $272,500

1311 Greenhill Road and adjacent lot from Caroline H. Kohn to 209 Dawson, LLC $550,000


385 Council Loop from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Marcus D. Mitchell and Teresa Flowers Mitchell $228,280

712 Wildlife Lane from Joseph Brandon Jeffcoat to Ramelle Brooks and Jasmine D. Brooks $120,000

172 Council Loop from NVR, Inc. to Dimitra Stokes $179,990

177 Council Loop from NVR, Inc. to Carl Nesbitt $161,990

5809 Indian Mound Road from Samuel J. Marsh Trust and Tommie Smoak Marsh Trust to Paige B. Butts and Ryan J. Butts $375,000

149 Council Loop from NVR, Inc. to Lorenzo Newton and Valecia Newton $179,998

338 Forest Green Drive from Sarah A. Bolden to Adam Scott McJunkin $150,000

7924 Nightingale Drive from MSE Sub I, LLC to Marie Simpson and Richard Henry Lucas, Jr. $106,900


3521 Eve Drive from Michael C. Chappell to Conrex ML SMA 2019-01 Operating Company, LLC $104,999

2228 Hillbeck Drive from Equity Trust Company Custodian fbo Rhyno Coetsee IRA to Michael Gandsy $140,000

204 River Bluff Road from Leon F. Bouknight, Jr. and Susan Marie Bouknight to Charmaine Saxon Duncan $155,000

1227 Greenville Circle from Brett R. Flashnick to Holly Anna Woodrum $180,000

118 Nobility Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Camille L. Joseph $131,400


50 Upper Loop Way from Timothy Paige to George Harley $150,000

247 Shoals Landing Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to John M. Lawson $217,000


29 Green Springs Circle from Taylor Bowen f/k/a Taylor Anderson Yates and Matthew Ryan Bowen to Jules Vernon Osher and Barbara Jean Osher $137,000

5 Northlake Road from Thomas B. Collins and Rebecca W. Collins to Morgana Lileth Wyze and Vern Walter Honsvick $449,000

1925 Drexel Lake Drive from Michael A. Moore to Joshua Aaron Hill and Faith Bea Hill $144,000

364 Valley Heights Lane from Jeff Shearin and Michelle L. Shearin to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. $149,379

305 Maingate Drive from Making House Money, LLC to Hilton Whitaker and Latoni Elise Kendrick $167,500

5 Briarberry Road from Karland R. Pharr and Lisa C. Pharr to Pamela Coleman $298,000

1018 Winterberry Lane from Winterberry Place Properties, LLC to Taya R. Foulks $100,000

221 Great North Road from Eric M. Schroeder and Charlotte N. Schroeder to Sang Yong Lee $153,000

345 Hester Court from Larry J. Bruce to Monique Fluellen $151,900


17 Box Turtle Court from Amanda Harding f/k/a Amanda E. Newman and Benton L. Harding to Jason Luster and Amy Luster $160,000

102 Deer Pass Way from Reginald Cooper and LaWanda A. Cooper to DeAngelo A. Simpson and Erica Simpson $197,000

708 Sutters Mill Road from Andrew Wagoner to Steven Hostos and Valerie O. Hostos $146,000

59 Bayside Court from Adrienne M. Wells and Michael W. Wells to Abraham Williams $195,000

330 Bassett Loop from Jerzy Giermakowski and Wieslawa Giermakowska Trust to Herman Robinson and Wanda L. Robinson $165,000

233 Branchview Drive from Alva G. Kelly, Jr. to Everette J. Fletcher $196,100

1211 Waverly Place Drive from Benjamin Daniel Arrowood to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $118,000

101 Curvewood Road from Robin D. Crary and David B. Crary to Laurrinda Dayvon Barrentine $115,500

1058 Landon Place Drive from James H. Hamilton to Jeffery L. Richards and Jovelyn Richards $250,000

1051 Lake Village Drive from Kavitha Lekkala, Sreenivasa Palagiri, Umamabesh Tatini and Vasudhar Parvathini to Ruth Elizabeth DeJesus $166,000

1103 Lake Village from Tia C. Arthur to HPA US1, LLC $192,500

10 Rivendale Court from Steven K. Akana, Jr. to Aisha Teneyek and Warrious Teneyek $185,000

202 Kingston Trace Road from Rodrine A. Buffaloe to Tita R. Hammonds $139,000

752 Elderberry Lane from Roderick D. Baker to Jimmie Lee Wyche, II and Tamekia Sherell Wyche $165,900

293 Legend Oaks Drive from Milburn D. Jones to Jonathan J. Lee $125,000

461 Summit Hills Circle from Model Home Holdings, LLC to Veronica Jones $256,000

300 Clemson Road from Lee Lorick Prina Trust to Mungo Homes Properties, LLC $2,124,600

355 Fox Trot Circle from Letisha S. McCollum a/k/a Lethisha S. McCollum to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $132,000

Lexington County


1302 Northland Drive from Kayla Megill f/k/a Kayla D. Scurry to Richard Wich $103,000

1300 Honeysuckle St. from Kenneth H. Sanders and Geraldine N. Sanders to Lauren Lux $112,000

2300 Windsor Drive from Charles L. Grubbs, Jr. a/k/a C. L. Grubbs to Christopher Crescenti $131,000


109 Stonemaker Court from Kelly D. Winters and Sherry Winters to James A. Music and Katherine Music $177,500

616 Pine Meadow Court from William P. Elliott to John P. Lewis and Mallory O. Stokes $145,000

126 Azur Avenue from Candice M. Donaldson to Camilla J. Kasales $252,000

213 Eagle Pointe Drive from Eric J. Sellers and Erica F. Sellers to Robert M. Pacific, Jr. and Tatianma L. Pacific $179,000

208 Laurelbrook Drive from Fortress Homes, LLC to Susan G. Glasser and Laurence B. Glasser $317,990

309 Ellwood Lane from MF Timberlake, LLC to Stephen Conti $145,000

306 Saint Peters Church Road from Lucy B. Stallings to Pickett Properties, LLC $225,000

136 Torrey Pine Lane from Ron Creech and Brenda Creech to Ryan A. Joyner and Whitney B. Joyner $113,000

360 Eagle Pointe Drive from Edward J. Groce, Jr. and Jessica A. Groce to Christopher Bryan Kirkman $178,000

305 Eagle Pointe Drive from Jentton Luther Henry Fields to Abigail Marie Manser and Ian Richard Ashford $180,000

209 Hilton View Court from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Tricia Morelli-Hull and Eric Hull $366,827


339 Lawnsdale Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Latoya Peterson and Leroy Peterson $194,783

932 Fallaw Road from Ludetia Marie Glover to Vincent A. Dana $165,000

539 Lawndale Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Brandon T. Seawright and Donnetta Seawright $171,500


534 N. Lakeshore Drive from Ralph A. Fanning and Teresa J. Fanning to Jason G. Mubarak and Christy S. Mubarak $520,000

201 Marina Cove Drive from Lisa R. Shumpert and Tammy R. Kitchens to Denise E. Buchanan $172,000

184 Webster Price Road from Margaret A. Frick, Dorothy F. Jumper, Cheryl F. Cutter a/k/a Jonette F. Cutter, Pamela F. Hodge and Cathy F. Boling to Tonya Hutto Crisler $125,000


243 Torrington Road from Kyle V. Pudney and Katherine S. Pudney to Terry Hill and Debra Hill $152,000


523 Clamp Drive from Shannon P. Padgett to Brittany Alaina Adams and Gary A. Adams $102,000

103 Southpark Place from Pintar Investment Company Residential LP to Seth Albright and Angela Stephanie Albright $365,900


2142 Beechcreek Road from Johnathan Knorr and Jodi Knorr to Dustin B. Padgett and Carlee S. Padgett $296,000

247 Longmont Drive from Michael A. Collado, Jr. and Jessica L. Collado to Nicole Smith Hendricks $253,000

105 Palmetto Cove Lane from Karen L. Lerner to Charles W. Moore and Kimberly L. Moore $180,000

320 Tarrar Springs Road from David W. Shafer and Sarah L. Shafer to John Eric Haynes $195,950

116 Wynfair Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to David J. De Rhodo and Joan M. De Rhodo $287,572

917 S. Lake from M&S Holdings, Inc. to Quicktrip Corporation $1,000,000

545 Blue Lake Drive from Melissa M. Schutz and William Seymour to Sharon Harmon Osteen $164,000

103 Wilmington Lane from Ross Wise to Margaret E. Walker $129,900

204 Third Avenue from Robin Z. Brailsford to Ross Wise $208,500

396 Saluda Springs Road from Richard E. McCullough to Tyler Austin Haladay $158,000

423 Whiteford Way from Gregorio Leon, Magdalena Leon and Ramona Dore to Michael O. Withers and Belinda P. Withers $169,000

100 Underwood Drive from Alexander P. Reiney to Kyle Edward Herbert $201,500

558 Wise Ferry Road from Jonathan M. Hoyle and Amanda A. Hoyle to Travis L. Bowers $275,000

521 Columbia Avenue from Cross Development CC Lexington, LLC to ParBee, LLC $3,480,709

140 Pink Camellia Lane from Seth S. Albright to Emelio Rush $307,000

152 White Rock Lane from David M. Schopp and Katherine A. Schopp to Ricky Cullers $252,000

1972 Highway 378 from Patrick N. Malatesta and Donna V. Malatesta to Lisa M. Atwell $399,000

200 Saddlebrooke Road from Don C. Frick and Laura M. Frick to Belle Starr David $149,900

628 Tayser Court from Polly Weddell n/k/a Polly Anne Peyinghaus to Savannah Murdock $208,000

100 Gibson Forest Drive from Christopher D. Mizell to John C. Adams, Jr. $156,000

180 Jim Kleckley Road from Midlands Real Estate Investments, LLC to George W. Goss and Elizabeth R. Goss $184,900

209 Trailside Lasne from Barrett Gardner and Jennifer Gardner to Benjamin Schooley and Michelle Schooley $525,000

264 Oakpointe Drive from Stephen A. Stephenson and Genevieve Stephenson to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $137,000

1320 Old Cherokee Road from Thomas Edward Winston, III and Jacqueline B. Winston to Christopher J. Winston and Bridget B. Winston $325,000

265 Yachting Road from Joseph F. Rymer and Sara K. Rymer to Robert B. Fong and Carol L. Fong $368,000

1009 Corley St. from Jamie K. Powers and Henry C. Powers to Angila Harvey $210,000

216 Harbor Vista Circle from David E. Wilson and Penelope L. Wilson to Holly Roberts and Steven L. Roberts $488,000

305 Bridlewood Drive from David M. Clardy and Ann T. Clardy to Michael E. Cook and Yvonne J. Cook $274,500

206 Merrimac Court from Rocio Martin to Katelyn B. Myers $145,000

339 Farmers Creek Way from Renewal Property Group, LLC to Joel W. Petty and Kailyn W. Petty $179,000

111 Golden Oak Drive from Frederick J. Glasscott and Kim M. Glasscott to Charles F. Shealy, Jr. and Deborah Sue Shealy $339,900

240 Red Barn Road from George M. Saenz to Stephen E. Owen, Denise R. Owen, Marc Brandon Rogers and Steffi Nichole Owen Rogers $147,000

140 Pond Drive from Libby Corporation to Darryl Deitz $155,000

511 Sunny Cove Court from JR Lex2, LLC to Pam E. Murphy $760,000

106 Dogwood Lane from SRJ Homes, LLC to Bradley S. Day and Amy Day $626,000

351 Buckthorne Drive from Brandon S. Bickley and Emmy H. Bickley to Leslie J. Weinrib and Michael L. Weinrib $235,000

427 Plymouth Pass Drive from William Colucci and Martha B. Colucci to Kimberly Sanders Christ a/k/a Kimberly Christ and Robert J. Christ, III a/k/a Robert Christ $278,900

5084 Sunset Boulevard from Robert E. Wilder, Jr. to 5084 Sunset, LLC $925,000

125 Breezes Drive, Unit 23A from Harry H. Powers and Elizabeth F. Powers to Charles L. Fisher Revocable Trust $219,000

117 Mount Faber Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Sunanda T. Stephens and William T. Stephens, Jr. $209,741

232 Hounds Run Lane from Ray E. Wightman and Patsy Drake Wightman to Guy Simpson and Amy Simpson $273,500

117 Mews Way from Michael R. Aley and Allyson N. Aley to Devin Scott McBride $175,000

344 Dawsons Park Drive from Janiene E. Chellew to Michaela J. Cornforth $178,500

117 Ashley Oaks Drive from Margaret C. Robbins to Devon L. Kirk $268,000

1441 Old Chapin Road from Markus M. Knight to Derrell B. Stever $200,000

147 Kaminer Lane from Willard A. Sprang and Sandee C. Sprang to Albert W. Sorin and Lesley Sorin $679,325

147 Fitzwarin Court from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Edward L. Morin, III and Michelle L. Morin $262,479

161 Royal Lythan Drive from Herbert Lee Cook to Brecken Elizabeth Davis $260,000

305 Southberry Way from Robert Scott Fuller and Mary Ann Fuller to Thomas F. Haddad and Sharon Haddad $285,000

651 Meadow Grass Lane from Justin Harrigan and Crystal Harrigan to Pedro M. Gomes and Jennifer J. Gomes $272,000


227 Overhill Court from Kristin F. Weatherford and Matthew A. Weatherford to Ryan I. Morris and Jaimie P. Morris $299,000

208 Siddington Way from Donald Arron Marton to Jason Boland $185,000

731 Turner Hill Drive from D.R. Horton - Crown, LLC to Gregory Stephen May and Shanna Marie May $359,951

185 Cornerstone Lane from Gary E. Connor to Cody A. Oliver $158,250

740 Tallaran Road from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Melanie R. Shaw and Joe M. Shaw, Jr. $174,581

632 Winterfield Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to James Peeples and Elizabeth Peeples $281,949

503 Silverbell Court from Christopher P. Amaral and Vanessa A. Amaral to Kevin Smith $234,000

116 Golden Pond Drive from Real Holdings, LLC to Cody J. Weyandt and Ariel L. Weyandt $179,900

2208 Trakand Drive from Mungo Homes Properties, LLC to Kewshayna M. Harney $167,581

281 Jessica Drive from Phillip Signorino to Albert W. Meetze $165,000

132 Gravedigger Road from Samuel David Bailey Revocable Trust to Larry Edward Moore, Sr., Judy Kay Moore, Larry E. Moore, Jr. and Carrie Moore $160,000

109 Kingston Court from Margaret E. Bush n/k/a Margaret B. Canova to Charles E. Gantt and Susan H. Gantt $100,000

759 Woodberry Road from Gail M. Cassese to Timothy DeGroff and LouAnne Glass $240,000

111 Cog Hill Drive from American Homes 4 Rent Properties Ten, LLC to Monique Watts $164,000

648 Westwood Drive from William P. Trevathan to Vernon G. Campbell and Linda L. Campbell $115,000

248 Cassique Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Melissa Leigh Howerton and Stephen Wayne Howerton $242,500


1323 C. Avenue from Sarah Catherine Lusk a/k/a Sarah Lusk Smith and Ricky J. Lusk to Corinne T. King $128,000

2324 Quail Hollow Lane from Colette Suzanne Ellis and Matthew Ellis to Nicolas Saldana $225,000

2230 Holland St. from Cynthia Diane Henderson to 803 Housing, LLC $250,000

111 C Avenue from Amy Claire DeLoach to The Mill Partnership, LLC $110,000

310 Sweetbirch Lane from Knoth Family Trust to Patricia Medders Holland $206,000

2224 Quail Hollow Court from Elizabeth M. Jones and Richard S. Jones to Matthew Ray and Kerri B. Ray $280,000

1646 B. Avenue from Rob Huting and Sue Chin Huting to Caitlyn Lambdin $140,000

1098 Brookwood Circle from Mitsuko N. Pridgen to Ashleigh N. Feaster $120,000

935 N. Lucas St. from Stephen H. Cox to Wayne Jernigan $100,000


3019 Augusta Road from M. D. Phipps to Alpha & Omega Construction, LLC $390,000

1137 Swannanoa Drive from Wanda H. Shull to Timothy E. Denard, Jr. and Heather Denard $227,900

526 Staffordshire Way from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Calvin Jamarcus Hill $182,438

11.32 acres on Island Trail from Annette Epting Lindsay to Dennis Michael Freeman, Jr. and Kathryn Cooper Freeman $165,000

1114 Lee Circle from Sunsetter Properties, LLC to Matthew T. Smith and Laura C. Sauter $160,000

4283 Platt Springs Road from Sandra Wiley to W. O’Neal Lindler and Kathy T. Lindler $130,000

420 Staffordshire Way from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Nancy J. Wall $175,090

405 Staffordshire Way from McGuinn Homes, LLC to Brynne Guzman $171,845

302 Charwood Lane from Thomas F. Haddad and Sharon K. Haddad to James T. Gantt and Janice A. Gantt $133,500


143 Harrison Circle from James C. Johnson and Donna T. Johnson to Robert Louis Numerick, II $287,500

108 Tennessee Walker Trail from M&O Homes, LLC to Brian M. Prater $157,000

3906 Charleston Highway from TCH Properties, LLC to ACG Silver Lake, LLC $1,980,000


844 Garden Dale Drive from Scott D. Dills and Miriam W. Dills to Gavin Dilley and Rebecca Dilley $230,000

502 Old Saybrook Drive from Kelly A. Genovese to Conrex ML SMA 2019-01 Operating Company, LLC $123,000


301 Crosscreek Court from Gary F. Hewson and Marsha A. Hewson to Deanna M. Boyd $295,000

1849 Woodvalley Drive from Thomas J. Rabon and Gayle L. Rabon to Keith B. Oshei and Wendy Faye Dollar $183,500

292 Newpark Place from Justin M. Locklear and Lindsey K. Locklear to Anthony Kiema and Kami Spring Kiema $207,000

224 Cranewater Drive from Nolan Properties, LLC to Justin Morris $154,900

1220 Meridith Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Phillip R. Jones, Shanetta Jones and Phillip Jones $210,000

255 Jimmy Love Lane from Srujan Neelapu to Josguel H. Toro Sanchez and Natasha M. Castillo Linares $172,000

7582 Irmo Drive from Bonnie J. Steptoe to Kathy J. Jenkins $280,000

709 Woodcreek Court from Robert J. Christ, III and Kimberly S. Christ to Michael A. Gillespie, Carol L. Gillespie and Edgar Bruce Gillespie $273,000

Kershaw County


814 Charlotte Thompson School Road from Isaac P. Pitts, Jr. and Michelle M. Pitts to Harry Lee McCaskill, III $250,000

865 Hermitage Pond Road from William S. Mullins, Jr. to Austin Jarod Furman and Angela Furman $142,000

335 Friendship Road from Kevin D. Stanley and Victoria Stanley to Whitney Dodson and Kristen Dodson $222,000

201 E. Dekalb St. from NLP-I, LLC to Charles W. Rhoden, Jr. Revocable Trust $1,075,000

1013 Tickle Hill Road from John P. Schaffer and Jonathan M. Schaffer to Edward LaRocque $133,000

932 St. Pauls Church Circle from Signal Homes, LLC to Andrew B. Arledge $128,500

167 Desausure St. from Brian L. Klapman to April T. White $140,000


949 Robinson Town Road from C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to Joshua E. Campbell and Samantha J. Campbell $179,524

1204 Ponderosa Drive from Virginia L. Baker to Johnnie M. Riley $127,500

1163 Yarborough Road from Kevin E. Mehm to Luigi Patacca and Erika L. Patacca $172,500


19 Bristlecone Lane from RJA Investments, LLC to Ji Rong Fang $175,000

113 Sorrel Tree Lane from Richard M. Moore and Stacey M. Moore to Teresa Noelk and Tracey Jean Noel $265,000

761 Kirkland Circle from Sandra B. Smith and Estate of Edward L. Smith, Jr. a/k/a Ed L. Smith, Jr. a/k/a Edward Louis Smith, Jr. to RamizAbbRaham Ltd. Company $340,000

137 Sorrel Tree Lane from Morgan Marie Burbach and Maxwell Zane Burbach to Shawanna S. Johnson $189,000


1274 Kellytown Road from C and C Builders of Columbia, Inc. to Brice W. Keys and Kimberly Megan Proctor $174,244

521 Highway 601 S. from Circle K Stores, Inc. to Lehigh Wholesale Gas Services, Inc. $954,622

35 Rugar Drive from James B. Brewer and Belinda Brewer to Jerene Mason $240,000

2062 Green Hill Road from Hall Homes, LLC to Brian Matthew Phillips and Marietta Noelle Phillips $324,630

6 Landers Lane from Thomas G. Dabney and Kearstin B. Dabney to Derek V. Elam and Jayme L. Elam $242,000

404 Rabon Road from Janet J. Barrentine and James G. Barrentine to Toni Lyons Alexander $174,900

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