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SC girl reported her sexual assault, parents allegedly said ‘not to worry about it’

Eric Lehr
Eric Lehr

Two South Carolina parents have been arrested after their teenage daughter told them she was sexually assaulted and they allegedly did nothing to help.

Eric Paul Lehr, 41, of Saint George was charged with unlawful conduct toward a child after he was arrested by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agents Thursday.

His wife, Christyne Lehr, surrendered to authorities in Colleton County Tuesday, reported. Christyne Lehr was charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

The charges are in connection with Ralph Gordon Stair, who has been accused of sexual misconduct and leading a cult in Colleton County.

_Ralph Gordon Stair age 84
Ralph Stair Colleton County Sheriff’s Department

The Lehrs’ 16-year-old daughter said she was sexually assaulted by the 85-year-old Stair in the month of August 2017, according to an affidavit.

She reported the assault to her mother, who allegedly told the child not to worry about it, according to an affidavit. During the month of September 2017, Eric Lehr was made aware that his daughter was sexually assaulted, and failed to report it to law enforcement.

The teenager then notified the Department of Social Services, which, along with the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Department, was denied access to the girl by Eric Lehr, according to the affidavit. After DSS left, the 325-pound Eric Lehr ordered his daughter to pack her belongings and told her that she was leaving the residence.

The girl’s adult sister removed the teen from the residence around Sept. 23, 2017, according to the affidavit which alleges Eric Lehr placed his daughter in unreasonable risk and did endanger her by having her removed from the family home to prevent her from reporting sexual assault.

The case was investigated by SLED at the request of the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office.