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Ex-leader of SC Republican Party says he’s Christ and God told him to kill mom’s dog, police say

James John “Todd” Kincannon
James John “Todd” Kincannon Lexington County Detention Center

The former leader of the South Carolina Republican Party was recently arrested after police said he “cruelly” killed his mother’s dog, and told them he did it because he was acting on a command from God — and that he was the second coming of Jesus Christ.

It was the latest in a downward spiral for Todd Kincannon, who was once the general counsel and executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, per The State.

The Simpsonville Police Department reported that Kincannon killed his mother’s 10-year-old beagle/cattle dog mix July 26 at his parents’ house in Greenville County, where he was also living.

The 37-year-old Kincannon “intentionally, willfully, maliciously, cruelly and needlessly” mutilated Bailey by choking and stabbing the medium-sized dog multiple times with two knives, according to an arrest warrant.

Responding police officers said Kincannon exited the house wearing only underwear, and he was covered in blood and dog hair.

His mother had locked herself inside a bathroom because she said she was “absolutely terrified” of Kincannon who killed her dog “with his bare hands,” according to an incident report.

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Kincannon told the first officer he killed the dog because, “I’m the second coming of Christ and I got a command from God to do it,” according to an incident report.

Another police officer reported that Kincannon said “that every 1,000 years there needs to be a sacrifice and blood must be spilt.”

He had lacerations and punctures on his arm and wrist, which the officer said was from a possible dog bite. Kincannon held them up and said “I have a sign. I’m about to get crucified in the media,” per an incident report.

According to police, the lawyer with a suspended law license then explained “from a legal standpoint you know, it’s in the state constitution that God is a sovereign and I honestly think he told me to do it.”

After some back and forth between Kincannon and the officers about where he wanted to go and how he wanted to get there, Kincannon was taken in a patrol car to Greenville Memorial Hospital for psychological evaluation, according to an incident report.

When he is released, police have an arrest warrant with the charge of ill treatment of animals.

Police reported that the S.C. Attorney General has said no bond will be set for Kincannon.

This is not the first time Kincannon has been arrested.

In 2015, The State reported he was charged with criminal domestic violence. According to a report from that incident, Kincannon “threatened to kill himself, his then wife, and her family,” WYFF-4 reported.

Later in 2015, Kincannon’s law license was suspended. In January 2018, The State reported he’s listed as “incapacity inactive” on legal rolls, adding that three former clients who made claims against Kincannon were paid “$102,364 in compensation” by the S.C. Bar Association’s Lawyers Fund for Client Protection.

Kincannon was known for making provocative statements which caused the S.C. GOP to distance itself from its one-time leader, according to the Daily Beast. He even had his Twitter account suspended in 2013 for the outrageous things he tweeted, WYFF-4 reported.

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