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Laptop tracking leads to SC man’s arrest in Pennsylvania burglary, report says

Correy Sheldon McCullough of South Carolina is back in Pennsylvania, but now he’s in jail thanks to an app commonly found iPhones, according to police.

McCullough, 24, of Andrews, South Carolina is accused of burglary, armed robbery and holding people against their will in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Police from the Keystone State traced McCullough back to his South Carolina home through one of the items he’s accused of stealing.

On March 15, three men broke into a central Pennsylvania home about 20 minutes from the state’s southern border, according to a police report. They barged into a couple’s bedroom, where police say McCullough pointed a gun at the man and another robber kicked the couple’s dog.

The woman tried to wrest the gun away from McCullough, the report indicates. Police say one robber punched the woman, held her on the ground and punched her again while McCullough demanded money from the man. During the chaos McCullough referred to himself as “Foreign Patron,” the victims later told police.

Eventually, the man handed over a plastic jar containing about $75 in cash and coins.

The men ran off, but not before they took $1,600 more in cash and a MacBook Pro. That was a mistake: police say the laptop computer led them to the robbers.

All Mac devices connected through an iCloud account can be found through the Find iPhone app, which is loaded onto all iPhones. The man simply checked the app on his phone to find the location of his laptop, which led police to McCullough in South Carolina, police say.

Officers heard the nickname “Foreign Patron” used in other crimes than were linked to McCullough, the report indicated. Police also identified McCullough’s vehicle as being in the area of the robbery within days of the incident.

Police arrested him and charged him with four felonies and a misdemeanor. He was jailed in Franklin County on April 5, records said. He didn’t post the $500,000 bond.

Court records show that McCollough was charged with illegally selling a gun in Williamsburg County, South Carolina, only days before Pennsylvania police came to pick him up.

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