After his cellphone was confiscated 13-year-old goes on violent tear, SC police say


A 13-year-old assaulted school staff members, students and police officers who were called to help at his South Carolina school, the Goose Creek Police Department reported.


Because his cellphone was taken away, police said.

On the third day of the school year, staff at Mevers School of Excellence had to call 911, to help with the teen’s violent outburst. The police said they responded to reports of a student assaulting staff members at the Lowcountry charter school at 3:30 p.m.

Police said after the 13-year-old had his phone taken, he “assaulted several staff members and fellow students.”

The presence of law enforcement did not cause the teenager to calm down.

As the officers struggled to restrain the student, he bit one of the officers on the hand, according to police. The teenager spit in the eye of another officer.

Police reported that there were no injuries caused to the school’s staff or students.

One woman who said she has two children that attend the school commented on Facebook that they were “shaken up,” and asked for prayers for her “kiddos.”

The 13-year-old who was acting violently was taken into protective custody and there were plans for him to undergo a “medical evaluation,” according to the police. The 13-year-old’s parent was notified about the situation.

Parents of other children attending the school were notified prior to 6 p.m., according to a comment on Facebook.

Police said that no charges have been filed, as of 4 p.m., but the incident remains under investigation.

This is the second year for the Mevers School of Excellence, and the first that includes seventh-grade students, according to the school’s website.

There are no rules about students possessing cellphones on school grounds on the website.

There are more than 900 students enrolled at the charter school, which is available to any South Carolina resident, WCBD reported.

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