Former Richland 2 teacher has teaching license suspended for being drunk in class

Getty Images/Wavebreak Media

A former Richland 2 elementary school teacher has had her teaching license suspended after a district investigation found she had been drunk on the job, according to state documents.

In September 2018, students at Sandlapper Elementary School found Linda Moody Steffey “ill on the floor of the music room” after she drank a bottle of wine that morning, according to documents from the S.C. Board of Education. Steffey needed the school nurse to come help her.

She was fired a week after the incident, documents show.

Steffey’s license was suspended from April 9, 2019, to April 7, 2020. If she wants her teaching license reinstated, she has to complete an S.C. Department of Education-approved “addictions counseling program,” documents show.