School officials say little about Sunday shooting on campus of university in Columbia

A shooting occurred on the campus of Columbia’s Allen University over the weekend, but school officials did not say much about the gunfire beyond confirming there was an incident.

An Allen University spokesperson confirmed to The State that the shooting happened Sunday night, declining to answer additional questions about the incident.

A university spokesperson told WOLO that two students were hurt, suffering “non-life-threatening injuries,” according to the station’s reporting.

A student said he was walking outside his dorm building when he was shot in the arm after a nearby fight escalated, according to WIS.

Information on the condition of the injured students was not available.

A Columbia police officer initially responded to the shooting and applied a tourniquet to a victim’s wound, department spokesperson Jennifer Timmons told The State.

Columbia police are continuing to assist Allen University’s investigation, Timmons said.

Beyond confirming it is investigating the incident, Allen University officials would not address it publicly.

“The university declines the opportunity to provide a statement while the investigation is on-going,” Allen spokesperson Liz Mosely-Hawkins said in an email to The State.

Allen University President Ernest McNealey did not immediately return requests for comment on the investigation.

The lack of communication has frustrated parents of Allen students, who say information about the shooting was never shared with them, WIS reported.

Information on possible suspects or arrests was not available.

Allen University was founded by former slaves in 1870, and is a Christian liberal arts institution grounded in the principles of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, according to the school’s website. It is located in the area near the intersection of Taylor and Harden streets.

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