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Trump delivered one of the longest State of the Union addresses ever

President Donald Trump delivered one of the longest State of the Union addresses ever Tuesday night.

When Trump spoke to congress and the nation, his speech was among the longest in terms of time elapsed.

Trump’s address lasted 82 minutes, according to the Washington Examiner, which reported the longest-ever presidential address to congress was delivered by Bill Clinton in 2000. The 42nd U.S. President spoke for 89 minutes during that address, the newspaper reported.

Trump’s speech lasted longer than scheduled, according to CNN reporter Manu Raju. The White House correspondent tweeted the address was supposed to end at 9:55 p.m., but was not finished until 10:29 p.m.

This year’s speech was two-minutes longer than Trump’s first State of the Union address in 2018, The New York Times reported.

Clinton is also the record holder for most words delivered in a State of the Union address, uttering 9,190 in 1995, per PBS. Jimmy Carter was actually the president with the most written words in his speech, with 33,667 of them for his 1981 address, according to the TV station.

George Washington had the shortest State of the Union, with just 1,089 words in his 1790 address, the U.S. house of Representatives website reported.

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