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SC senator proposes shorter session, 2-year budget

Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Scott Talley
Scott Talley

SC Sen. Scott Talley, R-Spartanburg, introduced a bill Thursday to shorten the session and move the state to a two-year budget.

“The bill I introduced today will save taxpayer dollars, force legislators to be more effective with their time in Columbia, and will force legislators to plan ahead,” Talley said in a statement.

The bill would reduce the session by two months by ending it on the Thursday before Easter in April. The measure also would create a Biennial Appropriations Act.

Talley said a two-year budget would provide more conservative estimates and budgets.

“This is a way to further limit government and it will emphasize that we have part-time citizen legislators who should spend more time working and engaging in their communities,” he stated.

“Voters have made it clear that fixing our roads is a top priority, yet we are years into the roads debate with currently nothing to show for it,” he added. “South Carolinians should demand more progress from their representatives in government and I believe that with a constricted time frame, legislators will be forced to get more done in a shorter period of time at the State House.”