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GOP hold on SC seat in Congress at risk in ‘blue tsunami,’ election pundit says


A national poll watcher says a coastal S.C. congressional district could flip to Democratic in a “blue tsunami.”

The Cook Political Report, which monitors congressional races across the country, lists the Lowcountry 1st District, long held by Republicans, as a potential pickup for Democrats this fall.

But it’s only an outside chance.

Cook ranks the race between Republican Katie Arrington and Democrat Joe Cunningham among 10 districts that could flip between the parties if an expected “blue wave,” favoring Democrats in the midterm congressional elections, swells into a “blue tsunami.”

“If Democrats are winning any of these long-shots seats on Election Night, the House is probably already a lost cause for Republicans,” the report notes. “Yet not all of these races are looking secure for Republicans.”

National Democrats have turned their attention to the district since Arrington, a first-term member of the S.C. House, upset U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford in June’s Republican primary.

Cunningham raised more money than Arrington in the second quarter, and he has picked up some support in the coastal district because of the Republican’s past support of offshore drilling.

However, the state representative garnered national attention for surviving a head-on car crash shortly after her primary win. Also, she met with President Donald Trump during a recent trip to Washington, D.C.

Cook writes Democrats likely don’t need to win the 1st District — or any of the others in “blue tsunami” territory — to take back control of the House of Representatives.

“Winning any of them would be icing on their cake.”