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Shouts between candidates, crowd at 5th District forum

A forum for candidates in the 5th District special election for Congress this week descended into a shouting match between candidates and the audience.

The forum in Indian Land on Tuesday featured both Democrats and Republicans, and supporters in the audience had strong reactions when the subject turned to President Donald Trump.

The Lancaster News reports the crowd turned testy when GOP candidate Ralph Norman, a York County developer, said he agreed with Trump’s Supreme Court appointment, noting “the country would’ve been headed south” in the courts had Hillary Clinton been elected.

A woman in the audience started yelling at Norman, who shouted back. “Ma’am, you are out of order.”

When the moderator told Norman he was out of time, and the candidate complained that he did not have time to respond due to the interruptions.

Fellow Republican Sheri Few also had an exchange with the crowd.

“That’s what’s wrong with our country today,” the News quotes her as saying, “People aren’t willing to take the time to listen when someone speaks out to stand up for what is right because they are afraid they are going to get insulted, offended or offend someone.”

“Oh, shut up,” shouted a man in the audience.

Moderator Melvin Stoble with the Lancaster County School Board had to stop the forum to attempt to restore order.

“If you do not agree with the candidates, you have every opportunity to show your disagreement at the polls,” Stroble said.

“Let’s be... the community I am proud to be a part of,” he said.