New poop feud? SC grandmother reports finding bucket of human feces in driveway

A new poop feud may have cropped up in York County.

Following two recent crime reports involving dog or cat poop, a York County man is suspected of upping the ante.

A 73-year-old grandmother told York County sheriff’s deputies that, after evicting her grandson from her York-area residence, she arrived home April 1 to find “a 5-gallon bucket with what appeared to be human feces” in it, the report states.

The bucket was placed in the center of her driveway, the report states.

The officer advised the woman to have a notice of no trespassing sent by certified mail to her grandson, a report says.

No charges were filed.

Last month, two cases involving dog poop were reported in Rock Hill.

A woman in the Ridge Pointe neighborhood told Rock Hill police March 23 that a threatening note was left on her doorknob inside a bag filled with animal feces, a police report states.

Then on March 25, a man reported his house on Sebring Drive was broken into, according to a report, but nothing was found stolen. Instead, the criminal left dog or cat poop in a child’s bedroom, the report stated.

Police did not say if the Rock Hill incidents were related, and started a criminal investigation for burglary. No arrests have yet been made in either case.

Catherine Muccigrosso: 803-329-4069