North Carolina

UFO researchers release video of strange craft hovering in sky over Carolina town

Video of yet has hit YouTube, this time in Columbus, a Polk County town 85 miles west of Charlotte. another claimed UFO sighting over North Carolina

The video, shot at night, features a hovering v-shaped object illuminated by six lights.

"Whatever it is, it seems to be dropping," says the unidentified man behind the camera. "I'd like to know what the heck those six lights are."

The YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly referred to the object as as a "huge mother ship."

The black and white video is nearly five minutes long. It was posted April 3 on YouTube by the Mutual UFO Network. The video is credited to the UFO Institute.

Among the commenters on the footage was Chris Lo, who posted: "I live in NC near there. If I see it I will shoot at it. I do not come in peace."

A site known as the National UFO Reporting Center says there have been more than 20 reported strange sightings in North Carolina. Among them is one reported in Charlotte on March 18, when someone reported "round orange balls flying over my backyard with no sound."

According to the National UFO Reporting Center in Davenport, Wash., North Carolina is among the top 10 states for reported UFO sightings.

Conspiracy theorists have suggested some of the sightings are actually experimental military craft such as TR-3B, an anti-gravity space craft that hovers. Such theories seem plausible, given the presence of Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force in eastern North Carolina.

However, says the craft "doesn't exist officially."

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