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Here is the anonymous letter sent to CCU concerning its cheerleaders’ behaviors

File photo of CCU cheerleaders
File photo of CCU cheerleaders

Below is the letter sent to Coastal Carolina University, dated March 8, 2017. It was sent to “Mr. David A. Decenzo, President” with accompanying address. With the exception of CCU’s redactions, the letter has not been edited.

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“Dear Mr. Decenzo,

“I am writing you today to file an official complaint against the Coastal Carolina University Cheerleading Team and to insist that punitive action be taken against the team. These problems are not new they have been going on for quite some time. The coaches were only a small part of the problem.

“I am disgusted over things that I have witnessed this past year at CCU. Yes, the baseball team won the World Series, the football team did great, the soccer team did great, but as you will see in the information I’ve provided for you there are some serious issues going on at CCU in the Cheerleading Program. There is a rampant use of alcohol, drugs, binge drinking, using fake ID’s, being busted by cops at parties for underage drinking, stripping at the male strip clubs, prostitution, the girls that are stripping try recruit new girls when they join the cheerleading team to strip at the strip club, veterans of the team provide alcohol to underage teammates, bullying is done by veterans of the team. There are quite a few cheerleader’s paying other students to do their schoolwork. The week of Family Weekend, there was a large amount of cheerleaders between the All Girl Team and the Small Coed Team that were busted on 9/21/2016. The party was at a veteran cheerleaders apartment, all of the girls that attended the party were busted for underage drinking and underage drinking with fake ID’s. They did not get arrested because they cooperated. There was at least one of the cheerleader’s was arrested for numerous charges that was [redacted] she was charged with underage drinking with a fake ID, and other charges, the other charges were dropped. ([Redacted] was kicked off the team but only for a short period of time) All of the girls involved could not cheer at the Family Weekend CCU game against Furman. However, that was not punishment, they all went to the tailgate and got drunk some even got drunk with their parents (underage girls) for example [redacted] and [redacted].

“The CCU Cheerleaders should be representing your University in a positive way they should be setting an example for the other students. They should feel honored to be representing your university. Instead they are posting half naked, drunk, with alcohol in hand, pictures, videos of themselves drunk, etc, on social media. How do you think that this makes your university and your cheerleading program look?

“I want to express there have been several girls to quit the team due to these disgusting issues. A lot of these issues are and have been overlooked way too long. There are a lot of students working extremely hard holding down jobs while going to school doing the right thing then you have people cheating and lying there way to good grades so that they can get drunk and party all the time. Enough is enough, listed below is factual information:

“1. These are several of the girls that work at the local Strip Club as strippers and escorts. They also prostitute themselves out. It is not a wise idea to let the strip clubs bring their van to the games to advertise it does not look appropriate. Being that there are several girls that work as strippers and escorts at strip clubs. They try to recruit other cheerleaders to strip at the club and escort by bragging and flaunting the large amounts of cash money they make and gift they are given. The name a few the following are strippers and escorts at strip clubs, and prostitute themselves out: [redacted] (she has left CCU and the local strip club.)

“2. There are several girls that pay students to do their schoolwork two of the girls that are doing that are [redacted] and [redacted]. There are also others. ([redacted] did the summer CEAL Program to get into CCU, she pays someone to do her work and ironically she ends up on the Dean’s list.)

“3. On September 21, 2016, [redacted] a veteran of the cheerleading team had a party at her apartment where several of the cheerleaders were caught drinking underage and or underage drinking with fake ID’s therefore they could not cheer at cheer at the football game for Family Weekend. These are a few of the cheerleaders: [redacted] had just been paced on the team that week, and was unable to cheer at her first game) etc. [Redacted] was arrested at this party attached you will see the paperwork. [Redacted] was kicked off the team, however it was only for a short period of time.

“4. These are just a few girls are using illegal drugs especially smoking pot: [redacted].

“5. These are just a few of the girls providing alcohol for minors: [redacted].

“6. [Redacted] and [redacted] buy alcohol with a fake ID and provide it to other cheerleaders and other students.

“I know that Coastal Carolina University takes these violations seriously therefore I insist that you take the most severe action allowed in this situation. I am looking forward to you taking care of this matter so that I do not have bring this matter to the communities attention, the News Stations, the NCA Nationals Cheerleading Competition (Varsity Sports).


“Concerned Parent

“cc: Matt Hogue, Kelly Moore, Marla Sage”

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