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Barricades go up on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach after shootings

Myrtle Beach public works began placing barricades along Ocean Boulevard Thursday morning after six shootings in three days last weekend.

One of those incidents, which sent six to the hospital, was viewed by more than 4 million people after a visitor broadcast it on Facebook live.

On Tuesday, City Manager John Pedersen announced his intention to barricade part of the central stretch of Ocean Boulevard, the main thoroughfare next to the ocean, to stop pedestrian traffic from mingling with people in vehicles—something Pedersen said precipitated the mass shooting in the early hours of Sunday.

Mark Kruea, a spokesman for the city, said that if the barricades are effective, the city will try to find a “more elegant solution” over the long term.

“I don’t think there’s an end date at this point [to take them down],” Kruea said. “We’ll see how they work.”

Councilman Randal Wallace told the Sun News on Tuesday he was supportive of the idea.

“The barricades are clearly something that have worked in the past,” Wallace said.

Metal barricades similar to those used during Memorial Day weekend will be placed from 17th Avenue South to 7th Avenue North; from 8th to 9th Avenues North; and from 12th to 16th Avenues North.

They will not block intersections or crosswalks, however. During Memorial Day weekend, barricades are used to created a fixed traffic loop that does block exits at night as bikers visit for Atlantic Beach Bikefest.

City employees had barricaded from 17th Avenue South to roughly 3rd Avenue south as of 10 a.m. Thursday.

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