South Carolina

Myrtle Beach police officer arrested after alleged domestic dispute, placed on leave

A Myrtle Beach police officer is on leave following his arrest on a third-degree domestic violence charge.

Pfc. Sean Timothy Owens, 33, was arrested in October by Horry County police. Myrtle Beach Cpl. Thomas Vest confirmed the officer was placed on administrative leave.

Horry County police officers responded to a Longs area address for a reported domestic incident. A woman said she and Owens were at a restaurant where they drank before returning home. An argument started over allegations of infidelity, according to a police report.

Owens shoved the woman and she pushed him back, according to a police report. The woman said Owens then shoved her into a wall and into a bedroom corner, where she hit a nightstand, according to the report.

The woman told officers that Owens had never before been violent or aggressive, and that she was scared to stay in the home, according to the report. Officers said they saw evidence that corroborated the woman’s claims, including superficial injuries that didn’t require medical attention.

Owens didn’t give police an explanation of the allegations and denied anything physical happened, the report states.

Third-degree domestic violence is punishable by up to 90 days in jail.

Alex Lang is the True Crime reporter for The Sun News covering the legal system and how crime impacts local residents. He says letting residents know if they are safe is a vital role of a newspaper. Alex has covered crime in Detroit, Iowa, New York City, West Virginia and now Horry County.