Parts of major Richland County road to be closed for two days, creating traffic issues

Sections of a busy Columbia road will be closed for two days, creating traffic issues for drivers, Richland County officials said Wednesday evening.

There will be “daylong lane closures” on Clemson Road, one of the most heavily traveled roads in Northeast Richland County, officials said in a news release.

Richland County officials is warning drivers to find alternate routes of travel because “significant traffic delays are anticipated.”

Information on what time the road will be initially be closed was not available, but it could cause issues for commuters.

The closures on Thursday and Friday are because of construction on the road, according to the news release.

The roadwork includes installing utilities and drainage pipes across Clemson Road, transportation officials said.

It is part of a larger project to expand Clemson Road from two to five lanes along the section that runs from Old Clemson Road to Sparkleberry Crossing, according to the news release.

The road widening will also include adding bicycle lanes and paths for pedestrians from Old Clemson Road and Chimneyridge Drive, officials said.

Noah Feit is a Real Time reporter with The State and McClatchy Carolinas Regional Team. The award-winning journalist has worked for multiple newspapers since starting his career in 1999.