Columbia City Council Candidate Questionnaire: Anna Fonseca (District 2)

Anna Fonseca (Columbia City Council District 2 candidate)
Anna Fonseca (Columbia City Council District 2 candidate)

(Editor’s note: While The State Opinion page will not make endorsements in the Nov. 5 Columbia City Council races, we have asked all of the candidates to provide replies to a candidate questionnaire.)

Name: Anna Fonseca (District 2 candidate).

1. Please provide some brief biographical information — including some detail on why you are running for this office.

Age: 54.

Married to husband David Hilburn.

One child: Katherine, 20, a junior at the University of South Carolina.

Occupation: Residential land developer.

Education: Rutgers University graduate (Class of 1986); B.S. in Environmental Planning and Urban Design.

Licensed Certified Planner (American Institute of Certified Planners).

More than 20 years of private sector, state and county government work experience in the field of planning and development.

I am running for office because I believe I have the knowledge and experience to be able to implement change and push for the implementation of existing plans.

2 . What are the three biggest issues facing your district?

The three biggest issues facing the city and my district are:

Lack of new housing to attract more residents to the downtown area of the city.

Pedestrian connectivity and pedestrian safety in existing neighborhoods ( lack of sidewalks, street lights and crosswalks).

Crime and the homeless throughout our city.

3. At the end of your term, what is one major accomplishment you want to be able to point to as your crowning achievement — a policy change, local project, etc. that you played a major role in bringing about?

I would like to be credited with improving the livability of residents in our downtown city center, making it a safer and more walkable city that would attract more residents and businesses.